In the injection molding process of plastic products, whether it can be cooled in time and effectively will directly affect the finish and pass rate. If the plastic container cannot be cooled and shaped in the production process, the produced container will not be full, the wall thickness will be uneven, and the color will not be bright, resulting in low product quality.In the production of packaging film, cold water or cold air cooling molding is required to produce a qualified product. If you use a chiller to cool, it not only greatly improves the quality of the product, but also improves production efficiency.
Injection molding:
The plastic pellets are melted by heating and injected into the mold. After it has condensed, a molded plastic part is formed. In the continuous production process, the mold needs to be cooled to shorten the plastic setting time, improve the accuracy of the workpiece size, molding quality and surface quality.
Frozen water temperature requirement: From 6 to 18 °C
Frozen water temperature difference requirements: ±2K or ±0.5k
The cooling capacity of the chiller is related to the injection volume of the injection molding machine. The larger the injection volume, the larger the required cooling capacity.
Extrusion of pipes, trunking, cables and various plastic profiles.
The heated molten material is cooled by a frozen water bath after being molded into a mold, and the temperature of the water in the frozen water bath must be kept constant. Due to the high production speed, large cooling units are required. If the existing frozen pool is large enough, the unit may not be equipped with a water tank.
Blowing bottle:
It mainly produces all kinds of mineral water bottles and soda bottles.
Compressed air drying A blown bottle requires clean, dry compressed air, and the cold water supplied by the industrial chiller is used as a cold source to remove moisture from the compressed air.
The most common products are small containers such as yogurt cups.
Plastics are extruded at a constant frequency and the mold is heated. It is important to maintain a constant temperature. The temperature range of the chilled water is very high. Therefore, a proportional frozen water valve is required to accurately adjust the temperature.

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