In industrial applications, chilled water or other liquid cooling pumps are passed through process or laboratory equipment. Industrial chillers are used in all industries to control products, mechanisms and plant machinery cooling. Industrial applications of chillers can be centralized, with each unit cooling meeting multiple needs or dispersed throughout each application. The equipment has its own chiller, or it can be a combination of a central and decentralized chiller. Each method has its advantages.
Laser technology: 
Laser sources, beam controllers, and electrical cabinets require additional  cooling in laser systems.The temperature requirement for frozen water is usually between 15 and 22 °C. The accuracy of frozen water is usually ±1k or ±2k. Some equipments require or subtract 0.5k. Other equipments have conductivity and corrosion resistance to frozen water. Waiting for certain requirements.In addition, some equipments have certain requirements for the conductivity and corrosion resistance of frozen water. In laser systems, there is usually a requirement for water temperature at start-up, which requires an increase in electrical heating in the water circuit. Beam controllers require separate cooling loops in some systems. 
For special applications in laser systems, we can design industrial chillers to meet different requirements.
Electrodes, welding furnaces and cutters require cooling. Small and medium sized chillers usually require internal and external circulation pump systems or closed tank systems
Many cutting machines, such as machining centers, lathes, milling machines, and drill presses, require high-speed rotation of the tool or spindle to generate heat, which also generates a large amount of heat during the cutting process. In these machine tools, it is usually necessary to cool the spindle, cutting fluid, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, electric control cabinet.
Non - cutting machining:
When using a chiller, the water system is easily blocked by some iron filings. Therefore, it is necessary to install a filter which can help internal and external circulate water pump system or closed water tank system.

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