The chiller can helps to stabilize the metal and non-metal ions, so that the metal ions are quickly attached to the plated parts, the oxidized parts and the electrophoresis parts. It not only increases density and smoothness, but also reduces plating times.During electroplating, the electroplating solution continuously generates heat in the electroplating reaction, thereby gradually increasing the temperature of the plating solution.When the temperature of the electroplating solution is higher than the requirements of the process, it has a great influence on the firmness, uniformity, flatness and appearance of the electroplated product.The electronic components provided by the refrigerator are selected to be connected or cooled at a specific temperature during the production process, and the functional parameters of the electronic components are controlled in a preset state. The use of a chiller to cool and connect the constant temperature of the plating solution will greatly improve the plating production process and production efficiency.
Electroplating refers to electrophoretic coating, anodizing (aluminum oxide), chrome plating, galvanizing, nickel plating, and so on. The principle of electroplating is to apply a special metal layer or coating to the surface of the object to be plated by electrochemical principle.
Ultrasonic cleaning
Workpiece cleaning operations in electronics, optoelectronics, mechanical hardware, precision instruments, watches, jewelry processing, automotive parts, electroplating, ion plating parts, magnetic materials, plastic products, textiles, printing, medical equipment, aviation and other industries.
The industrial chiller can reduce the temperature of the cleaning agent and condense the gaseous cleaning agent to effectively prevent the evaporation of the cleaning agent.
Iron coating
Surface treatment of watches, jewelry, daily hardware, plumbing equipment, craft jewelry, plastic products, sanitary ware, locks, lamps, tableware and other products.
The ionization source needs to be heated and started during the initial work, and needs to be cooled during operation. Failure of the cooling system will result in damage to the ionization source. The cooling water must be cooled by a high pressure water pump to a cooling channel in the ionization source to cool the ionization source.
Borad production
During the manufacturing process of the circuit board, heat is generated when the copper on the surface of the copper plate is corroded, so that the temperature inside the corrosion cell rises, affecting the circuit board.

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