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The mold temperature controller was originally applied to the temperature control industry of injection molds. Later, with the development of the machinery industry, the use of mold temperature controllers is increasing. I will give you a brief introduction to the working principle of the Dural mold temperature controller.


The working principle of the mold temperature control system is that the heat transfer medium driven by the water pump or oil pump reaches the mould from the water tank with built-in heater and cooler, and then returns to the water tank from the mould. The controller adjusts the temperature of the hot fluid to adjust the temperature of the mold based on the temperature of the hot fluid measured by the temperature sensor and the temperature inside the mold.

Effective mold temperature control requires that the media in the mold cooling channel be turbulent rather than laminar. In the turbulent state, there is no temperature difference between the central portion and the surrounding portion of the fluid, and because of the turbulent diffusion effect, the heat conduction from the medium to the wall surface of the mold channel is accelerated. So the heating and cooling effects are good. The media temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the mold medium should be within 2~2.5°C. At this time, the upper and lower sides of the mold water channel are almost the same temperature, the temperature difference is small, and the heat conduction effect is good. If the flow rate of the medium flowing into the mold is small, a temperature difference will occur in the mold water channel, and the quality of the molded product will be affected. The way to increase the flow is to increase the cross-sectional area of the pipe, or use a water pump with high pressure. The mold temperature is controlled by PID.


According to the type of heat transfer medium used, the mold temperature controller can be divided into water temperature control machine, pressurized water temperature control machine or oil temperature control machine. The mold temperature controller has a direct cooling method and an indirect cooling method from the cooling method. Ndetated's mold temperature controller TCW-L model is direct cooling, TCW-H model and TCO model are indirect cooling. Mold temperature controller can be divided into single temperature control machine and double temperature control machine from corresponding temperature control loop. There are corresponding products in the standard die temperature machine of Ndetated.

By the way, the main mechanical components of the Dural mold temperature controller include water pump, heater, cooler, temperature measuring body, piping, distributor, etc. The electrical components include solenoid valve, control panel, water pump contactor, heating contactor, temperature controller, air switch, etc. The working conditions of the Dural mold temperature controller are electricity (for heaters and pumps) and cooling water (for heat exchange).


I' sure that you have a deep understanding of the importance of using a mold temperature controller to control the temperature of the mold for plastic molding. The Dural mold temperature controller is consistent with the temperature requirements of the product forming, which can improve the quality of the product and reduce the operating cost of the product.

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