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Metering and mixing equipment is an important kind of peripheral equipment, which plays a very important role in plastic molding process. It is used not only in ejection molding production, but also in extrusion, blow molding and other molding production. 

·Working Principle And Main Components of Metrological Metering And Mixing Equipment

Before plastic molding, various forms of metering and mixing equipment are used to add color master batch, additive and crushing materials to the main raw materials according to the prescribed proportion in order to achieve the following purposes:

1. Adapt to the molding process of various changes, and improve the grade and quality of the molded products by adding various added materials.

2. To meet the requirements of ISO quality management system, centralized management and more accurate use management of raw materials make product quality effectively controlled.

3. By using the metering and adding method of color masterbatch, a large number of stock of color raw materials can be eliminated, and the cleaning work of the whole raw material system can be eliminated at the same time, so as to improve the production efficiency.

4. By metering and adding the crushed material, the cost of the raw materials is reduced, and the economic benefit is improved.

·Classification of Metering And Mixing Equipment

1. Volume metering and mixing equipment

It mainly used in color master batch and comminuted metering and mixing. This kind of equipment has the ground type SRV which uses the screw metering ratio new material and the shredded material. This kind of equipment also has proportional valve equipment that uses the proportional distribution of time. The proportional valve allows the raw materials of the two ingredients to pass in the set proportion, when one way is connected, the other is closed, and the proportion is allocated according to the set time. The volume metering and mixing equipment makes use of the principle that the volume of materials discharged in different time is different and the quantity is also different, so as to achieve the purpose of proportional measurement of different materials. This kind of equipment is simple in measurement, convenient in use and cheap in price. But the disadvantage is that the metering accuracy is not high.

2. Weight loss metering and mixing equipment

The process of work is as follows: Materials are first mixed and stored through an integrated or heavy mixer. A slider adapted to the outlet pushes a particular number of materials to the following weight loss metering system. When there is no material in the weighing room, the slider of the mixing chamber automatically loads the storage chamber. Then carry on the new measurement and the processing.

3. Weighing metering and mixing equipment

Based on the principle of weighing, the equipment uses electronic scales to weigh the main material, color master batch, comminuted material, adding material and so on, and then mix these raw materials in a bucket and then discharge them for use. It is characterized by accurate measurement and stable quality, but the price of the whole equipment is high.

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