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Hot air dryer is a kind of equipment which provides high temperature hot air by using heat pump principle and sensible heat transfer technology. It is widely used in printing industry. Compared with traditional electric heating, the energy saving ratio is as high as 60% - 90%.            


1. Why use hot air dryer            

The plastic resin used in the forming process contains a certain amount of water. Plastic forming process requirements, if these moistures is not removed from the molding operation, will occur in the product after forming surface silver wire, fog appearance quality problems and product internal bubbles leading to insufficient product strength and other internal quality problems. Therefore, in order to meet the technological requirements of forming, it is necessary to dry the raw materials before forming and remove the moisture in the raw materials. Material drying is an indispensable work in plastic forming.  


2. Working Principle and Main Components of Hot Air Dryer            

(1) Working Principle            

Plastic resin drying is generally the process of blowing the gas heated to a certain temperature to the raw materials in the container, and then discharging the gas with moisture to the outside of the container. After a period of work, the moisture content of the resin in the container is reduced to the moisture content required by the forming process. Plastic hot air dryer and other materials drying equipment can automatically complete this work.

(2) Main components

Drying hopper (container filled with plastic resin), blower (gas inhaled from outside atmosphere), electric heater (gas inhaled from outside), diffuser (uniformly dispersing heated gas in container), exhaust filter (filtering gas discharged from container), discharging part (discharging resin material after drying); Electrical part mainly includes temperature controller (control heating temperature is consistent with the set temperature), blower contactor (blower operation), heating contactor (heater operation), thermocouple and air switch (power supply connection) and other components.            

The standard protective device of hot air dryer has over temperature protection and fan overload, etc.

3. Selection of Hot Air Dryer            

First of all, we need to know the name of the drying material and find the drying time of the resin material through the list of drying parameters.            

Secondly, understand the amount of raw materials used per hour. In the case of injection molding, the usage of raw materials can be calculated by the fast method of injection machine clamping force * 0.1.            

The capacity of the hopper can be obtained by using the amount of raw material used per hour * the drying time of the raw material. Thereby, the corresponding type of hot air dryer is selected.            

Finally, according to the drying temperature of the dried raw materials, check whether the highest operating temperature of the selected hot air dryer can meet the requirements.    

4. Ndetated Hot Air Dryer            

Ndetated standard hot air dryer model is: HDNW-25            

HDN: Hot air dryer for Ndetated (HD: Hopper Dryer, N: NTC)    

25: It means the loading capacity of the hopper is 25Kg.            Ndetated hot air dryer has the following characteristics:            

(1) The temperature is controlled by PID and the temperature error is less than 1 degree.            

(2) Thermocouple break alarm, high temperature alarm, overload protection and other safety protection.            

(3) Double digital tubes display the measured and set temperatures directly.            

(4) Start-up automatic delayed start-up heating, shut-down automatic delayed shut-off fan, to protect the safety of equipment.            (5) Touch the switch to control a key to start automatically.            (6) Standard installation of exhaust air filters can reduce pressure loss, prevent dust dispersion and protect the factory environment.            


A hot air dryer makes your processing more convenient!

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