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Industrial chiller is widely used in mold cooling in plastic industry, electroplating pool cooling in electroplating industry, all kinds of cooling in chemical industry, cooling in food industry, cooling constant temperature in fresh preservation industry and so on.

Plastic molding and any industrial molding need to have a mold, all need to cool the mold to shorten the molding cycle, improve production, and improve the quality of molding products. In fact, a mold is a heat exchanger. Heat is passed into the mold by melted plastic, and then into the circulating cooling medium - ice water. Only a small portion of heat can enter the air and the molding machine's pressure template. It is well known that a considerable part of the time cycle of plastic molding is used for cooling, sometimes the cooling time can account for more than 80% of the plastic molding cycle, so it is absolutely necessary to keep the cooling time to a minimum. For example, the molding cycle of a mold usually takes 20 seconds, if the water from the original cooling water tower is cooled by ice water generated by the industrial chiller, its molding cycle can be shortened to 16 seconds. Although the cost of choosing to equip an industrial chiller is higher, it can increase production by 20% and achieve great benefits in long-term production.

The three elements of stable plastic molding are pressure, time and temperature. The temperature here refers to the temperature of the mold. If these three elements can be kept in a stable state, products of the same quality can be produced continuously. The industrial chiller can keep the mold temperature stable in a certain state.

Among the above three elements, the pressure and time can be guaranteed by adjusting the parameters of the forming machine, and the equilibrium state of the mold temperature is easy to be destroyed by external interference. In summer and winter, day and night, the change of cycle time caused by improper removal of forming products may lead to the change of mold temperature. The resin is heated in the forming machine and cooled in the mold in a very short time. Therefore, due to the change of mold temperature, it is easy to cause the defect of forming quality.

The resin flow in the mold can be adjusted by correctly maintaining the mold temperature by the industrial chiller, so as to shorten the molding cycle and stabilize the production of high quality products. This is why the purpose of using an industrial chiller.

The use method of industrial chiller can be divided into single machine type and centralized type, and the single machine type method is an industrial chiller corresponding to a main engine equipment. The centralized method is that an industrial chiller corresponds to multiple main engine equipment at the same time, and the cooling heat required by all main engine equipment needs to be calculated. 

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