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The application of the temperature control machine in the plastics industry is very common. The full name of the temperature control machine is called mold temperature controller, which is widely used in various industries such as plastic molding, die casting, extrusion and rubber mixing. In the process of forming, the control of the mold temperature is very important for speeding up production and improving product quality. A temperature control machine is a device that uses a water or oil medium to heat or cool a mold to keep the mold temperature constant at a desired temperature.

Different raw materials have different properties. They have different processing characteristics. The mold temperature affects the fluidity, shrinkage and injection cycle time of the molten resin, which is a factor that must be controlled in plastic processing and manufacturing. Studies have shown that 24% of scrap is caused by improper mold temperature. To this end, mold temperature control systems are widely used in various plastic processing fields from injection molding, blow molding to extrusion in order to heat the mold to the operating temperature and maintain the mold temperature within a certain accuracy range. In a broad sense, the temperature control machine should be called temperature control equipment, including temperature control in both heating and cooling.

The application of the temperature control machine is mainly in two aspects:

(1) Before forming, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the mould to meet the mould temperature required by the forming process. If the temperature of the mould is not raised, when the melt resin is filled into the low temperature cavity of the mould, the resin solidifies immediately, so the forming pressure must be increased. At this time, the added pressure becomes residual stress when the resin is cooled and remains in the moulding product, which will lead to cracking and deformation of some raw material products and other quality problems.

(2) After the material is injected into the mould, it is necessary to cool the temperature of the mould, quickly reduce the temperature of the mould, speed up the cooling speed of the product, shorten the forming cycle time and increase the output.


The temperature control machine and the heat transfer of the mold are the key to the production of injection molded parts. Therefore, the role of the temperature control machine is particularly important. Dural mold temperature controller has unique heat exchange design. The heating and cooling unit is modular in design. It can expand the heating and cooling according to customers' requirements. It is protected by special ceramic fiber, which has flexible installation, good heat insulation effect and high durability. In terms of cooling design, stainless steel pipes are used, and large diameters pass through the cooling water, which has high cooling efficiency and easy scale cleaning.


Dural mold temperature controller can improve the molding efficiency of the product, reduce the production of defective products, and at the same time improve the appearance of the product to suppress the defects of the product, and accelerate the production schedule to reduce energy consumption and save energy. 

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