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The storage bin is a box made of stainless steel plate with a bracket around it. The lower part of the box is a vertebral body to facilitate the natural drop of the material. There has a suction hopper, which is convenient for using the automatic suction machine to suck and discharge the raw materials to the required equipment. The glass observation window is arranged on one side to facilitate the observation of the storage condition of the material tank. Casters are placed at the bottom of the cabinet to facilitate moving the storage bin.


Reasons for Using the Storage Bin

The storage bin is the tank in which the material is stored. The standard packaging of raw materials is generally 25kg of a package of kraft paper. If the package is not stored in a container such as a storage bin, the material may be poured out due to unstable storage or other reasons. In the process of collecting materials, it is possible to mix impurities in the raw materials to contaminate the raw materials. Therefore, the use of the storage tank to store materials becomes a necessity to ensure the quality of the finished product. In addition, for large centralized feeding systems, the amount of material used is large, and manual work cannot keep up. This requires that the materials be stored in a large storage tank in advance and then transported separately into the molding machine. In fact, the purpose of using the storage bin is as follows.

1) Process requirements for transitional storage of raw materials.

2) Prevent contamination of raw materials to ensure product quality.


Storage Bin Selection and NTC Storage Bin

NTC's standard storage tanks are divided into 25 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg, and 300 kg according to the loading amount, which can meet different storage requirements of customers. The choice of storage bins is generally based on the production volume. Generally, the same material storage bins should be able to meet the usage of materials for several hours. 


NTC Storage Bin Features

The structure is simple, and the humanized design is convenient for charging and cleaning.

The lightweight casters make it easy to fix and move the bins.

The stainless steel cabinet eliminates corrosion of the material and looks beautiful.

Here you can choose to use a double-direction suction hopper, a three-way suction hopper, a gun suction method or a PVC pipe directly connected to the suction method.


We need to confirm something before buying a storage bin.

1) The amount of raw materials used per hour.

2) Ways of feeding the storage bin

3) The conveying method of the material after discharging the material storage bin.

4) Placement of the storage bin.


Now do you know storage bin? The storage bin is mainly used in the production line of the brick press to store and digest the material before pressing the brick to improve the material performance. The machine has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient operation. The storage bin can be used to make the workshop clean and reduce material losses. If you are interested, Follow us to learn more information about storage bin.


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