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The traditional method of handling raw materials in a molding factory is manual handling, and there are many problems. These problems can be solved by introducing a screw feeder machine. Through this article, I hope you have a general understanding of the automatic feeder.


The reason of using automatic feeder

The automatic loader is a labor-saving peripheral that uses pneumatic conveying of raw materials. Using the principle of vacuum suction, the raw materials on the ground are transported to a high place, or the raw materials of one location are transported to another location.

The purpose of using the automatic feeder is:

1) Improve production efficiency. Manual handling cannot keep up with the speed of forming.

2) Improve quality. Reduce the exposure of personnel to raw materials, thus reducing the possibility of contamination of raw materials.

3) Reduce labor intensity. Workers do not have to move in and carry the raw materials.

4) Save labor costs. Automated operations allow a worker to manage more devices at the same time.

5) Safe production. Workers climb to the high point of the machine to manually feed, and personal accidents may occur.


Automatic feeder parts

The main mechanical components of the automatic feeder are blower, suction hopper, cyclone filter, suction gun, conveying pipe and conveying trachea glass pipe hopper, cyclone filter, suction gun, conveying pipe and conveying pipe; Electrical components include control boards, contactors, timers.etc.


Automatic feeder selection method

1.Understand the amount of raw materials that need to be transported per hour

In the case of injection molding, the hourly raw material usage of the machine can generally be derived from the clamping force of the injection machine. The calculation method is to use the clamping force tonnage × 0.1. For example, a 100-ton injection molding machine uses 100 × 0.1 = 10 kg/h of raw material per hour.

In the case of other molding methods, it is necessary to confirm the actual amount of raw materials used per hour. Then choose an automatic feeder that can meet the usage.


2. Confirm the length of the transport distance and the transport height

The same conveying capacity, if the conveying distance is long and the conveying height is high, it is necessary to appropriately increase the conveying capacity and adjust the model upward.


3. Verify that the proporti  on of raw materials

If the unit volume is large, the ability to transport is large. The specific gravity of the raw materials is between 8 0.5 and 0.8. If this range is exceeded, it is necessary to increase the conveying capacity appropriately and select a larger model. For the quick selection of automatic loader for injection molding, please refer to our “NTC Machine Quick Selection List”.

We can provide an auto feeder that is simple in structure, easy to use, and suitable for material conveying in a variety of ways. The control adopts digital display humanized design to improve the convenience of operation. It can be easily transported in a variety of ways. If you have any questions about the automatic feeder, please contact us in time.



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