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In recent years, with the large increase in electronic and communication consumer products, the injection molding manufacturing of precision molded parts has developed rapidly, and the sales volume of small and medium-sized injection machines has increased. The characteristics of precision injection are that the single molding machine has a small amount of material per hour, and the number of products is small, and the number of products needs to be changed frequently. Therefore, the more flexible equipment can meet the production requirements.


Why Use a Hot Air Dry Conveying Machine

The hot air industrial dryer combines the functions of a tabletop hot air dryer and a MAV dual direction automatic feeder on a single unit. The hot air drying and conveying machine performs the work of drying the raw materials automatically and conveying the raw materials. It is easy to set up and move freely. Besides, It is easy to clean the hopper when refueling, which meets the needs of the molding site.


Main Working Principle and Components

The hot air industrial dryer is a combination of an independent hot air dryer and a two-way automatic feeder. The working principle is the same as that of the independent machine before the combination. However, control is concentrated in an electrical control box. 


The main mechanical components of the hot air drying and conveying machine are a drying hopper that contains plastic resin, a gas blower that sucks from the outside atmosphere, a gas electric heater that heats the outside, a diffuser that evenly spreads the heated gas in the container, and a filter from the container. The gas exhaust filter discharged inside is discharged, and the discharge portion of the resin material after drying is discharged. The main components of the automatic feeding section are blower, JC primary suction hopper and NMV glass tube secondary suction hopper , reversing switching valve, cyclone filter, suction gun and conveying pipe and air pipe.


The main electrical components of the hot air dry conveying machine are microcomputer controlled single board machines, blower contactors, heating contactors, thermocouples and air switches.


The protection of the hot air dry conveying machine has reverse phase, dry over temperature protection, transmission phoenix overload protection, dry fan overload, temperature abnormality, sensor abnormality, heater temperature protection and so on.


Selection of Hot Air Dry Conveying Machine

First, you need to know the name of the raw material that needs to be dried, and find the drying time of the material through the resin material drying parameter list.Second, we need to know the amount of raw materials used per hour. In the case of injection molding, we have to calculate the amount of raw materials used. Then, based on the drying temperature of the dried raw material, it is checked whether the maximum use temperature of the selected hot air dryer can meet the requirements. The maximum operating temperature of ndetated's conventional hot air dryer is 130℃. The high temperature type has a maximum operating temperature of 160 ℃. Finally, check the conditions related to the raw material transportation, and confirm whether the specification parameters of the conveying part of the hot air drying and conveying machine meet the requirements of conveying capacity, conveying distance, conveying height, and material specific gravity.


I hope that the above information will give you a deeper understanding of the hot air dry conveying machine. If you are interested, follow us to learn more.

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