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In the plastic molding process, the mold is accompanied by a part of the product that is not used. In the injection molding, a nozzle is produced. In the extrusion molding of the sheet, the corner sheet is cut when the product is sized. In addition, the formed products are not 100% qualified, and some products are unqualified. If these nozzles and defective products are thrown away, on the one hand, this is a waste of resources, on the other hand, this will cause environmental pollution. However, if it is mixed with new raw materials after being recycled, it will not only solve the problem of resource waste and environmental pollution, but also reduce the material cost and bring benefits directly to the enterprise. Therefore, a series of plastic recycling equipment should be born, which plastic crusher is one of them. These nozzle gate sheets and defective products are collectively referred to as recycled products.


The plastic shredder is a device for crushing plastic parts. There are two kinds of smashed items. One is to crush the unused parts such as nozzle gates and corners generated during the molding process, and the other is the unqualified product after molding.


Working Principle

 The working principle of the pulverizer is to put the recycled product into the pulverizing chamber through a special shape hopper. And the cutter driven by the motor continuously turns to cut and crush the recovered product, so that it becomes a retort material through a certain size, which the high-speed pulverizer cuts the recycled material to a diameter of 8 mm, and the medium-speed pulverizer cuts the recycled material to a diameter of 6 mm.


The plastic pulverizer is divided into a high-speed pulverizer, a medium-speed pulverizer and a low-speed pulverizer from the motor speed, which respectively correspond to different purposes of use.


High Speed Pulverizer

The motor speed of the high-speed pulverizer is 1,440 rpm, which is characterized by strong motor power and large pulverization processing capacity. The high-speed pulverizer can pulverize nozzles or defective products of various shapes and materials, and it is widely used and inexpensive. However, the disadvantage is that the noise is large, and the recycled material after the pulverization has a lot of dust. Dust treatment must be done before recycling, otherwise it will affect the quality of the molded product. The place where it is placed is generally in a specially set crushing place, which is far away from the molding site, and concentrates on smashing the nozzle pouring material and defective products. High-speed pulverizers are also known as concentrated pulverizers.


Medium Speed Pulverizer

The motor speed of the medium speed pulverizer is about 150 and 200 rpm which is between the high speed pulverizer and the low speed pulverizer. The medium speed pulverizer is characterized by flexible use, which can smash the rubber mouth and crush the defective products. The medium speed pulverizer can be placed on the side of the machine or placed in a special crushing place for use as a centralized pulverizer.


Low Speed Pulverizer

The motor speed of the low speed pulverizer is about 25~30 rpm, which is mainly used for smashing the nozzle pouring material. It is characterized by low noise. The pulverized recycled material has a good shape and less dust, and it is easy to mix and regenerate with the new material immediately. Low-speed pulverizers are generally placed on the side of the molding machine. The disadvantage is that the amount of processing is small and the scope of use is limited. Because of the above characteristics, the low speed pulverizer is also known as the silent pulverizer. The low speed pulverizer does not use a screen.


The use of pulverizer can reduce energy waste and help suppliers save costs. Plastic pulverizers are essential for the production process.


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