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The industrial magnetic frame is mainly used to remove iron impurities from hopper and feed slot. It can effectively remove free flow powder and iron impurities in small granule, and is widely used.

·Why use the industrial magnetic frame, the working principle of the industrial magnetic frame.

Both injection molding and extrusion molding require the use of metal screw for melting and heating, ejection and extrusion of plastic materials. Screw is a very important part of molding machine, the price is very expensive. Because metal impurities may be mixed into the raw materials in various operational projects such as raw material storage and transportation, and once these metal impurities enter the screw together with the raw materials, they will cause damage to the screw. Therefore, it is necessary to expel the metal impurities mixed in the raw materials before entering the screw.

An industrial magnetic frame is a component that plays a role in removing metal impurities from raw materials. In recent years, due to the high price of raw materials and the increase of the use of raw materials after comminuted and regenerated, the opportunity of mixing metal impurities into raw materials is also increased, which makes the use of industrial magnetic frames more and more necessary. An industrial magnetic frame is a small frame made of a metal magnet rod with magnetic suction. The industrial magnetic frame is placed under the inner part of the hopper container containing various raw materials, and the metal impurities in the raw materials are adsorbed on the industrial magnetic frame during the discharge process of the material. After a period of time, remove the metal impurities adsorbed on the industrial magnetic frame, and then put it back into the hopper and continue to use it.

The important parameter of the industrial magnetic frame is the strength of the magnetic force, in units of Gaussian, indicating the ability to adsorb metal impurities. According to the strength of the magnetic force, the industrial magnetic frame is divided into strong industrial magnetic frame and ordinary industrial magnetic frame. The closer the industrial magnetic frame is to the screw, the better effect it is, and is generally placed in the hopper on the molding machine. For the sake of safety, some companies also place the industrial magnetic frame in containers such as raw material storage chambers, in addition to placing them in the hopper on the molding machine. The industrial magnetic frame itself is of little value, but it plays a good role in protecting the screw, so it is often used by clients.

·Selection of Magnetic Frame And Ndetated Magnetic Frame 

According to the number of metal rods, the magnetic frame is divided into 3 tubes, 5 tubes, 7 tubes, 9 tubes, 11 tubes and other different specifications, the number of tubes is different, the size is also different,  which can adapt to a variety of capacity hoppers. Ndetated magnetic frame is divided into 7 tubes, 9 tubes and 11 tubes.

·Matters That Need to Be Confirmed In The Use Of Magnetic Frames

1. Placement position of the magnetic frame.

2. Strong magnetic or ordinary magnetic frame

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