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At present, there are more and more manufacturers producing chillers, and there are many refrigeration equipments that need to be selected in daily production in many industries. The industrial chiller has a relatively wide range of applications. It can control the temperature within a specific range and has a stable cooling effect, which is suitable for various industries. However, the requirements for industrial chillers are different according to the industry. Among many manufacturers, you may find it difficult to choose a satisfactory product. But ndetated is very confident about his products. Here are some reasons why you should choose the ndetated chiller.

Stable Quality

Ndetated has been manufacturing and selling chillers since its inception, which has a good reputation in the industry. Especially in 2007, after cooperating with the world famous Italian chiller manufacturer Frigosystem, the product technology has been greatly improved and the quality is more advanced and stable.


High Performance

Ndetated selects imported components and uses international branded electrical products. Ndetated chiller uses large flow imported water pump and American original compressor, which has the advantages of high working efficiency, low noise, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving.



The machine has protection measures such as reverse phase, insufficient media, water pressure, fluorine pressure, pump and compressor overload current protection, and compressor delay protection. Automatically stop the machine in the event of a fault, ensuring machine safety and service life.



The ndetated chiller has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, reasonable design and space saving. It adopts quick-disconnecting exterior board.


Does the chiller with the above advantages make you want to buy it? However, we need to know some information before buying.


1. You need to know the molding method of the required chiller. Is it injection molding or something else?

2. You have to choose the molding raw materials, which can understand the molding temperature and mold temperature.

3. What is the amount of raw materials used per hour? It is understood that the size and molding cycle of each molded product can also be calculated.

4. You also need to know the weight and material of the mold.

5. What is the temperature difference requirement for the inlet and outlet of the cooling water?

6. The connection route of the chiller to the molding machine. If the route is too long and too many turns, the cooling capacity will drop.

7. What is the size of the inlet and outlet of the chiller?

8. Whether a single machine corresponds to one molding machine or a plurality of molding machines.

9. What is the voltage of the chiller?

Buying a chiller is a thing that deserves serious consideration. If you don't buy a good mold chiller, there will be a lot of problems in subsequent use. Ndetated is a professional company with a professional production line. I hope the above information will give you a reference. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.



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