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Cooling water towers belong to refrigeration equipment, many factories are directly refrigerated through water towers, but cooling water towers are generally used with water-cooled industrial chillers. As we all know, any equipment needs to be maintained if it is used too long. So, what is the cleaning of cooling tower?


1. The Relationship between Cooling Tower and Industrial chiller

In the cooling water system, the performances of industrial chillers, cooling water pumps and cooling towers are interrelated and interacted to a great extent. Lower cooling water supply temperature can improve the performance coefficient of industrial chillers, and consequently consume lower electricity. However, lower cooling water supply temperature requires larger cooling water volume and larger air volume to increase the heat exhaust capacity of the condenser side.

As a result, cooling water pumps and cooling tower fans will consume more electricity. Although higher cooling water supply temperature can save the power consumption of cooling water pump and cooling tower fan, it reduces the heat transfer effect of condenser.

In order to obtain the same cooling load of air conditioning, industrial chillers need to consume more energy. Therefore, the cooling water inlet temperature must be optimized to reduce the total power consumption of industrial chillers, cooling water pumps and cooling tower fans, so as to minimize the total energy consumption of industrial chillers, cooling pumps and cooling towers.

The evaporation temperature of industrial chiller should be 3 - 4℃ lower than that of chilled water outlet, and the cooling water outlet temperature of industrial chiller should be 2 - 4℃ lower than that of condenser. If this value is exceeded, it indicates that problems existing in evaporator or condenser should be cleared up in time.

When the temperature of chilled water or cooling water supply and return water is far less than 5℃, the refrigeration pump or cooling pump operates at full power, there is a problem of large flow and small temperature difference. The energy of the pump is wasted a lot. At this time, we should reduce the water flow in a certain range by controlling the frequency conversion of the refrigeration cooling water pump, or increase the temperature difference between the supply and return water and the efficiency of the industrial chiller by increasing the temperature of the chilled water outlet and increasing the heat transfer of the cooling tower.

2. What Needs to be Done to Clean the Cooling Tower

(1) Cleaning of Shell

At present, the main cooling towers used in the market are round and square ones, including those with silencing devices installed at the outlet and inlet. Their outer shells are made of FRP or advanced PVC materials, which can resist the sun's ultraviolet rays and chemical substances. They are compact, durable, and not easy to fade, and their surfaces are bright, and do not need to be painted as a protective layer. Therefore, if there is dirt in the shell, only water or detergent cleaning is needed to restore the brightness.

(2) Cleaning of fillers

Packing is the medium for the full heat and moisture exchange between air and water in the cooling tower. It is usually processed from high-grade PVC materials. It belongs to the category of plastics and is easy to clean. If dirt or microorganisms are found in the packing, it can be washed under pressure with water or detergent or separated from the tower for scrubbing.

(3) Cleaning of catchment pan

When there is dirt or microorganism accumulation in the catchment plate, it is the easiest to find out. It can be quickly cleaned by brushing directly. However, it should be noted that before cleaning, the outlet of cooling water tower should be blocked and the drainage valve should be opened so that the dirty water can be removed from the outlet, so as to avoid the dirty water from cleaning entering the cooling water return pipe. In addition, a filter can be installed at the outlet of the catchment tray, which can prevent large debris from entering the cooling water return pipe system along with the flow of water.

(4) Cleaning of Water Supplementary Device of Circular Cooling Tower

For the cleaning of water distribution device of circular cooling water tower, the emphasis should be placed on several branch pipes with many outlet holes, and the branch pipes should be detached from the rotating head for careful cleaning.

(5) Cleaning of Sound Absorbing Pad

Sound absorber pad is loosely fiber type, long-term immersion in the catchment plate, it is easy to adhere to dirt, so it needs to be washed with cleaning agent and high-pressure water.

When cleaning the cooling tower, all cleaning must be stopped before it can be done except the shell can be cleaned without shutdown.

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