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Crushing process is the most important link in industrial production, so the choice of pulverizer is particularly important. At present, there are many types of industrial pulverizers. Different types of pulverizers have different structures and specifications, and the materials they adapt to are also different. Therefore, crushing equipment must be selected according to the characteristics of materials. Today, I will introduce you to the type of Ndetated pulverizers.


Let us first take a look at what the meaning of Ndetated pulverizer represents.

(1) CAS-230

CAS: Represents high speed pulverizer

230: Represents hourly processing capacity

(2) NSG-180/180

N: Represents NTC

180/180: Represents the area of the cutting bin is 180*180 mm.

(3) LSG-01

LSG: Represents low speed pulverizer

01: Represents the first model

The characteristics of the high-speed, low-speed and medium-speed pulverizers of Ndetated are as follows:

1. High Speed Pulverizer

(1) The cutter is made of refined steel made in Japan. It has high hardness and high strength, so it is especially strong and durable. It is easy to crush all kinds of hard and soft materials. It has strong crushing power.

(2) The hopper and screen are designed separately, and the cleaning machine and screen change are convenient.

(3) Imported original sealed bearings are selected to keep the bearings running well for a long time.

(4) Sound insulation design of hopper, low running noise, in line with environmental requirements.

(5) The control box is equipped with overload protection and power supply connection protection device to protect motor and cutter safety.

(6) Different types of cutters and various sizes of sieve meshes can be selected.

(7) The knife seat is heat-shrinked and equipped with casters for easy movement and easy maintenance.


2. Low Speed Pulverizer

(1) The low speed pulverizer speed is 25-30 rpm.

(2) The crushing bin is cast and formed, resistant to wear and durable.

(3) The noise is greatly reduced by using shock absorption steel plate and sound insulation design.

(4) The knives are made of hobbing cutters. The pulverized particles are even and almost powder-free, which is convenient for the material to be regenerated immediately.

(5) Especially suitable for the crushing and regeneration of various hard engineering plastic rods.

(6) Pay great attention to safety and set limit protection switches in multiple places such as the opening.

(7) Convenient cleaning method, free to open the machine, with compressed air cleaning port.

3. Medium Speed Pulverizer

(1) Select imported cutting tools, motor reducer and electrical components to ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine.

(2) The cutter design is unique, and there is no need to adjust the tool after re-grinding. The static knife can be used repeatedly for 4 times before re-grinding.

(3) Firm rotors are suitable for cutting dense materials.

(4) The new fast grip system makes the front panel of the machine easy to disassemble, which is convenient for machine cleaning.

(5) It is easy to operate and safely open the crusher without tools.


With the continuous development of science and technology and the wide application of new technologies, new materials and new processes, the types of pulverizer equipment are more complete and the structure is more complicated. I hope this will help you.

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