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With the development of science and technology, more and more industries use refrigeration technology, but people do not know much about water chillers. Here is some knowledge about water chillers.

1. What is A Water Chiller

In the refrigeration industry, it is divided into air cooled chiller and water-cooled chillers. According to the compressor, it is divided into screw chillers and scroll chillers. In terms of temperature control, it is divided into low-temperature industrial chillers and normal-temperature chillers. The temperature of normal-temperature chillers is generally controlled within the range of 0 -35 degrees. The temperature control of low-temperature units is generally about 0 to -100 degrees.

Chillers are also called: freezers, refrigeration units, ice water units, cooling equipment, etc. Because of their wide use in various industries, the requirements for chillers are different. Its working principle is a multifunctional machine, which removes liquid vapor through compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycle.


2. Application Scenarios of Chillers

(1) Light field. The chiller controls the temperature of the laser to keep the laser cavity free of thermal deformation, stabilize the light output power and ensure the beam quality, and improve the service life and cutting accuracy of the laser. The main laser processing equipment used are laser engraving and cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, etc.

(2) the field of numerical control machinery. The water chiller controls the temperature of the main shaft of the numerical control machine tool through water circulation, keeps the main shaft at a lower temperature, prolongs the service life of the main shaft, and improves the accuracy of engraving and cutting quality. The main numerical control mechanical equipment used include the main shaft engraving machine, resistance welding machine, argon arc welding machine, etc. NDETATED has made great achievements in this respect, and the products in are very good.

(3) UV printing and UV lighting. The water chiller controls the temperature of the UV-LED lamp to maintain the stability and durability of the light emitted from the UV light source. The main UV printing and UV lighting equipment used include UV flat-panel printer, UV screen printer, UV-LED UV curing lamp, UV-LED UV curing equipment, etc.


3. Classification of Chillers

According to the performance form of water chillers, they can be roughly divided into two types: air-cooled water chillers and water-cooled water chillers.

Air-cooled chillers are characterized by:

(1) No-installation cooling tower is easy to install and move, and is suitable for occasions where water sources are short of no-installation cooling towers.

(2) Low noise fan motor, excellent cooling and condensing effect, stable throttle mechanism, excellent antirust treatment.

(3) High-performance compressors imported from Europe and America are adopted, with high EER value, low noise and stable operation.

The water-cooled chillers are characterized by:

(1) Ergonomic panel, fully automatic control, equipped with precision electric temperature controller, can run smoothly for a long time.

(2) adopt a high-efficiency heat transfer heat exchanger, has that advantage of less cold loss, easy oil return and no frost cracking of the heat transfer pipe.

(3) High-performance compressors imported from Japan and the United States are adopted, with high EER value, low noise and stable operation.


I wonder if everyone has a deeper understanding of water chillers?


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