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The hot air blower is the first choice for the upgrading of modern industrial heat source. The electromechanical equipment is the best hot air source configuration for automatic machinery such as hot air conveying furnace, drying furnace, oven and packaging machine. It realizes the regulation of working temperature and air volume. Today we mainly share the structural characteristics of the drying hot air blower.

Generally speaking, when manufacturing a hot air blower, it is mainly necessary to consider the nature of the power supply, and it has a certain influence on the structure of the machine that can be converted, the vibration of the motor, the noise generated during the operation of the machine, and even the cooling method. Therefore, pay attention to the following issues.

In the motor unit of the hot air dryer, many of them are insulators, because the hot air dryer generates electricity during the work, and the insulation needs different levels. Different levels of insulation, especially the resistance of the coil. And the higher the ability to withstand voltage, so that smooth operation can be carried out.

Many hot air dryers generate vibration and noise when they work, which is related to the incomplete structure of the engine. Sometimes, the lack of parts inside the engine will cause some vibration and noise when the hot air fan is running. Good overall performance can also improve the rotating frequency of the hot air fan, and it is also good to avoid the vibration phenomenon caused by normal work.

The hot air dryer has different capacity for the wind, and its electric capacity will be different. Many high-voltage hot air opportunities work by installing insulated bearings, so that the shaft current can be effectively avoided. Friends who have used industrial hot air blowers knowing that if the shaft current is increased, it will be easier to damage the bearing and cannot be used. Therefore, it is better to set the bearing as an insulator.

The cooling mode of the motor after the work is a special feature of the hot air blower device. After the motor is heated for a long time, the equipment inside the hot air blower will automatically cool down, and the air outlet is opened to cool, and good heat dissipation can be maintained. Protect the entire hot air blower by having the motor start the machine separately.

Some hot air dryer are variable frequency. Like the inverter air conditioners used in the home, the power is constant. The speed has a great influence on it. If it exceeds a certain speed, it must take measures that can withstand high temperatures. The grease can be complemented by high temperature bearings to ensure the safety of the motor.

Through the introduction of the structural characteristics of the hot air dryer, we can roughly understand some performance characteristics of the hot air blower from the structural aspect. The motor devices in various hot air blowers have their unique advantages, which are mainly related to the production environment of the factory. The choice of these motors is also related to the cost of the cost, so we should try to choose according to specific needs. If you have any questions, you can also contact our professional engineers.


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