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The pulverizer is a machine that pulverizes a large-sized solid raw material to a desired size, which achieves the purpose of the pulverizer in the form of high-speed impact.The pulverizer consists of coarse crushing, fine crushing, wind conveying and other devices. The industrial pulverizer is well known as an indispensable and important equipment in the production of building and energy materials, because it makes the material crushing work a breeze.


Classification of Pulverizers

According to the D90 standard of the required material fineness, the  pulverizer can be divided into the normal pulverizer (below 60 mesh), the fine pulverizer (60-120 mesh), and the ultrafine pulverizer (120-300 mesh), the superfine pulverizer (300 mesh or more).


The external forces applied to the material during the pulverization process include rolling, shearing, impacting, and grinding. Rolling is suitable for crushing hard materials and bulk materials. Shearing is suitable for crushing of tough or fibrous materials. Impacting is suitable for the pulverization of brittle materials. Grinding is suitable for ultrafine pulverization after medium-fine pulverization. The crushed material can be used in the grinder. Grinder is a kind of machine which uses grinding tools to grind the workpiece surface. With the increase in the number of high-precision, high-hardness mechanical parts, as well as the development of precision casting and precision forging processes, the performance and variety of grinding machines are constantly increasing, such as low speed grinder, medium speed grinder, high speed grinder.


Characteristics of Medium Speed Pulverizer

1. The medium speed pulverizer is a kind of silent crusher. It can be placed on the side of the machine and is suitable for the recycling of small plastic parts and nozzle materials.


2. The medium speed pulverizer is fast. The nozzle material can be put into the crusher to crush as soon as it has been out. And then it can recycle to the injection moulding machine. The finished product can be re-injected, which can be used with a manipulator.


3. After the nozzle material is taken out at high temperature, it will be oxidized and humidified (absorb water) to destroy the physical properties. That is to say, using the medium speed pulverizer can reduce the damage of color luster and the physical strength.


4. The medium speed pulverizer can save money. Because its short-term recycling can reduce the waste and loss of plastic, labor, management, warehousing and purchase funds.What's more, it can avoid pollution and bad rate caused by mixing materials.


5. The knife can be selected according to the hardness of the material.

With the progress of human society history, the pulverizer has also experienced the evolution from manual to steam era to mechanical intelligence. The appearance of the pulverizer has greatly improved the role of crushing and safe operation. However, because the crushing characteristics of various raw materials are different from each other, the manufacturing industry has different specifications for the particle size distribution of the products. Therefore, various crushing equipments for crushing and safe operations according to different principles have been developed in turn.

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