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In the plastics processing industry, shrinkage and bubbles will occur in the products. The main reason for these problems is that the plastics are not fully dried before they are formed. The dehumidifying dryer can fully dehumidify and heat the air in a closed circulating system, and the dry air can quickly precipitate the moisture in the plastic particles to achieve the effect of dehumidification and drying.

Working Principle of Dehumidifying Dryer

1. Dehumidifying and Drying Part

The hot and humid air returned from the drying barrel is cooled and blown into the honeycomb rotating wheel. Water in the air is absorbed by the rotating wheel and then desorbed by regenerated heated air. Two streams of air act on the rotating wheel at the same time. With the rotation of the rotating wheel, the moisture in the air is continuously absorbed and desorbed by the regenerated air and discharged, thus forming a stable low dew point air, which is heated to the drying temperature of plastics and blown into the drying barrel, forming a closed cycle to dry raw materials.


2. Suction Part

The suction material is sucked into the drying barrel from the storage barrel or other storage container. When the magnetic spring switch of the vacuum hopper detects that there is no material, the suction motor runs, resulting in vacuum in the vacuum hopper. The raw material in the storage barrel is sucked into the vacuum hopper due to the difference of air pressure. When the suction time is completed, the suction motor stops running. And the raw material falls into the drying barrel due to self-weight. The dried material is pumped from the drying barrel into the hopper installed in the plastic forming machine.

Characteristic of Dehumidifying Dryer

1. Integrate three functions of dehumidification, drying and two-stage feeding.

2. The dehumidifying part is equipped with a rotating wheel device, which can provide low dew point air with good stability, and the dew point can reach below -40 ℃.

3. stainless steel double-layer insulation drying barrel adopts the design of the lower blowing tube to make the raw materials evenly dry and effectively prevent heat loss.

4. The feeding system is equipped with a shut-off valve to ensure that there is no residual material in the material pipe.

5. The closed loop feeding system can avoid contamination or regain of raw materials.

6. The optical grade GCD-OP model with hopper removes fines from the raw materials and prevents contamination during the molding of optical grades.

7. The optical grade GCD-OP model system is equipped with high-precision and high-efficiency filter, which can effectively filter dust particles up to 0.3μm and the filtration rate is 99.9%.

8. PLC control and LCD touch human-machine interface can be selected. The operation is centralized and convenient, and it can control the automatic operation of the whole machine.

9. Dew point detection device can be selected.


The excellent dehumidification function of industrial dryer makes it widely used in industry.

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