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The mold temperature control machine was originally applied to the temperature control industry of injection molds. Later, with the development of the machinery industry, the application of mold temperature control machine is more and more extensive. Now the mold temperature control machine is generally divided into water temperature machine and oil temperature machine, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.1 °C. In this article we will introduce the role of the mold temperature control machine in eight aspects.


1. In the plastic injection molding process, because the plastic has the physical properties of thermal expansion and contraction, the product often sees some shrinkage, distortion, bubbles, silver, deformation, cracking, poor transparency, and poor performance during the molding process. Such as the undesirable phenomenon, the most important cause of this undesirable phenomenon is that the mold temperature is unstable and the mold temperature does not reach the temperature of the product during the molding process. Engineering plastics such as PC, PA and PBT have higher temperature requirements, while the mold temperature control machine can quickly raise the temperature of the mold, and can freely adjust and ensure the temperature stability of the mold according to the temperature required by different raw materials, reducing the defective rate of the product.


2. When used as a light guide plate for the injection molding of DVD discs, it is generally necessary to add a water-type mold temperature control machine because the mold temperature control machine can well control the finished product size and surface finish. It also needs to use a precision mold temperature control machine to control the water temperature within ±0.1 °C.


3. In the plastic blowing process, in order to make the blow molding smoother and slow down the defect rate, a stable mold temperature is also required. At this time, we should pay attention to the pressure of the mold temperature control machine when using it. Generally, the mold temperature control machine for blowing bottles needs high pressure.


4. In the die-casting work of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy, the mold temperature is kept in the optimal range, the mold will not overheat and reduce the sticking mold, and the production can be carried out stably and stably. At the same time, the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the casting can be improved, and the casting can be prevented from shrinking and cracking. It is also possible to produce complex thin-walled castings better. The mold temperature control machine for die casting is generally oil type and has a high temperature.


5. In the matching rubber machine, mixer, extrusion, extruder die and other temperature control, the mold temperature control machine is also called temperature control device. In these production processes, the mold temperature control machine provides stable oil temperature, generally it is to quickly increase the temperature, then insulate the oil.


6. In the chemical, printing and dyeing, and roller heating, the mold temperature control machine is also called oil heater. At this time, it requires the mold temperature control machine with a relatively large tank capacity and a relatively large flow rate to achieve rapid heating and heat preservation requirements.


7. The mold temperature control machine is also referred to as an oil heater when heating the reaction axe or other jacket. According to the temperature requirements during production, the mold temperature control machine can quickly raise the oil temperature to the required range and maintain a stable temperature. It is also possible to install a timer on the mold temperature control machine to set the start-up time of the mold temperature control machine in advance, and the heating power can be adjusted as required to save energy.


8. As an auxiliary equipment, the mold temperature control machine provides stable temperature control in different production environments, speeds up production schedule, reduces energy consumption and saves energy.


Hopefully, this passage will help you to learn more about the mold temperature control machine. If you are interested, please contact us

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