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Mold temperature controller was originally used in injection mold temperature control industry. Later, with the development of mechanical industry, the precision of temperature control can reach ±0.1 ℃. Mold temperature controller is widely used in plastic molding, pressure casting, rubber tire, bonding and other industries.

Mold temperature controller is one of Ndetated's pillar products and popular products, and has a high reputation in the industry.

The Main of Ndetated Mold Temperature Controller

1. High precision is especially suitable for precision molding: Ndetated mold temperature controller adopts PID temperature control mode, and the temperature control is accurate (up to ±0.1 ℃). The mold temperature controller is controlled by microcomputer and equipped with PT100 Ω temperature probe.

2. High stability and long service life: Ndetated mold temperature controller uses international brand of electrical components and pumps, its pipes are all made of stainless steel corrosion resistant materials, heating and cooling rate is increased.

3. More convenient operation and maintenance: Ndetated mold temperature controller has smart touch button and humanized quick disassembly and assembly design. It can realize the remote control operation of communication.

4. Various measures of Energy Saving and Thermal Insulation: The main part of the heating cylinder of Ndetated mold temperature controller has heat preservation coating, which is the best selection of heater and water pump.

5. Security and creation of a safe working environment: Ndetated mold temperature controller has more than five kinds of automatic fault buzzer alarm protection function.

The Meaning of The Ndetated Mold Temperature Controller


TC: It stands for mold temperature controller.

W: It stands for the water type.

O: It stands for the oil type.

200: It stands for that the mold temperature controller can be used with a tonnage of less than 200 tons.

L: It stands for low temperature.

H: It stands for high temperature.

The protection alarm functions of Ndetated standard mold temperature controller are reverse phase, water pump overload, lack of media, poor heating and overtemperature protection.

Items To Be Confirmed For Purchase of Standard Mold Temperature Controller

The following must be confirmed at the time of purchase: 

1. The molding method that the user needs, the injection molding or other. (Used to determine whether heating or cooling predominates.)

2. The raw materials that the user needs to form. (Used to know molding temperature and mould temperature.)

3. You should ensure the use of raw materials per hour. (It can also be used to understand the size of the product and calculate the molding cycle.)

4. Ensure the weight and material of mould.

5. You should ensure the required heating time.

6. Make sure the location of mold temperature controller installation.

7. Make sure the the connecting route of mold temperature controller to make-up machine. (Too long a route and too many turns will reduce the cooling capacity.)

8. Guarantee the quantity and size of the media import and export direction of the mould

9. Single mold temperature controller connected to one make-up machine or multiple make-up machines.

10. Guarantee the operating Voltage of Modular temperature Machine.

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