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With the intensification of market competition, plastics manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the question of which type of temperature control machine to choose. At present, more and more plastic manufacturers have deeply realized the importance of controlling the temperature of the mould by using the temperature control machine. If the selected temperature control machine matches the temperature requirement of product moulding, it can greatly improve the quality of products and reduce the operating cost of the product. So how to choose a temperature control machine that matches your needs?

The correct choice of the appropriate mold temperature control system can be considered from the following aspects:

(1)  Determine the mold temperature required for the plastic processing process.

The processing temperature and mold temperature required for various plastic raw materials are different. When choosing a mold chiller, it involves various conditions such as raw materials, molds, and installation conditions. For a simple example, for general-purpose resin ABS, the mold temperature is 40 °C ~ 60 °C, you can choose TCW-L temperature control machine. At this time, if the temperature of the cooling water is higher than 30 °C, the mold temperature control machine cannot meet the temperature control requirement, and an additional industrial chiller is required to lower the temperature of the cooling water. For super engineering plastic PEEK, the mold temperature is 130 °C ~ 180 °C, so you can choose TCO-L or TCO-M type temperature control machine.


(2)  Determine the type of heat transfer medium for the temperature control machine.

The temperature control machine is classified into a water mold temperature controller, a pressurized water mold temperature controller or an oil mold temperature controller depending on the type of heat transfer medium used. Generally, the water mold temperature controller has a lower control temperature range, and the oil mold temperature controller has a higher control temperature range. The working temperature of the water mold temperature controller is 90 °C. The working temperature of the pressurized water mold temperature controller can reach 160 °C~180 °C. The oil mold temperature controller is used for the working temperature ≥150 °C and the maximum working temperature is 350 ° C.

(3) Determine based on calculation results of heating power and flow rate.

To calculate the electric power, flow rate and piping diameter required for the mold temperature to heat the mold, first know the mold weight (kg), mold temperature (°C), heating time (s) and the ideal flow rate of the mold channel (1.5 to 2.5 m/s).

1) Calculating the Required Electrothermal Power

Electric heating power (kw) = mold weight × mold specific heat × temperature difference (T2-T1) × safety factor (1.25) ÷ heating time ÷ 860

2) Calculating the Required Flow Rate

Flow rate (L/min) = electric heating power (kw) × 860 ÷ [heat medium specific heat (kcal / kg ° C) × heat medium specific gravity (kg / L) × temperature difference (T2-T1) × time (60s)]

3) Calculating the Pipe Diameter

Pipe area (C) = flow rate (L/min) ÷ [flow rate (m/s) *60]

Square of pipe diameter (c㎡) = area ÷ 3.14 × 2


(4) Determine based on the calculation results of cooling power and flow rate.

In the case of injection moulding, the formula for calculating the cooling capacity of the thermostat is as follows:

Cooling capacity (kcal/h) = weight per mold (kg) × modulus per hour (times / h) × resin coefficient (0.5) × (forming temperature mold temperature) × composite coefficient (1.5)


All in all, calculate the heating or cooling power according to the above method, and choose the most suitable Dural mold temperature controller according to your needs. If you have a temperature control machine with a molding method other than injection molding, you can contact the sales person for assistance.



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