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After the matters needing attention in the use of air-cooled refrigerators are clearly understood, it can help customers to better use the units. In fact, the air-cooled industrial chiller is what we often call the air-cooled chiller. It is the most commonly used and common type of refrigeration equipment. Reasonable use of the unit can not only prevent the unit from malfunctioning, but also make the refrigeration effect more stable. What should be paid attention to when using the air-cooled chiller? The following is a detailed explanation for you.

1. Before using the air-cooled refrigerator, you must carefully read the instructions for using the air-cooled refrigerator, and then carry out the correct installation, commissioning and normal operation steps of the equipment.

2. Air-cooled chillers shall be installed in places with stable foundation, ventilation and open space, and the ambient temperature of the installation unit shall not exceed 38-40℃. After all, air-cooled chillers exchange heat with air through fans. If the temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is not good, the temperature of the unit will not fall down or a high-pressure fault will occur.

3. Tap water can be filtered to ensure clean water quality and no impurities. The pipeline installation of the unit shall be reasonable, and the size of the pipeline water throat shall be matched with that of the unit. The size of the water pipe shall not be reduced, otherwise high pressure overload will easily occur, affecting the quality effect and increasing the power consumption.

4. The power supply of air-cooled chillers commonly used by us is 380V 50HZ(1p for 3 phases (220V for 1P air-cooled chillers /2p air-cooled chillers), so when connecting the power system to the unit, the corresponding power supply voltage must be connected according to the nameplate. In addition, the power supply of aircrafts going abroad will be different.

5. Pay attention to the operation sequence of the unit. After cONnecting the unit to the equipment requiring refrigeration with OK, first turn on the power supply to the ON position, then turn on the switch of the chilled water pump, and open the inlet and outlet valves of all chilled water. After the compressor starts refrigeration, chilled water will be delivered to the equipment to be cooled through the outlet. When shutting down the unit, shut down the unit according to the reverse operation sequence.

6. After the air-cooled refrigerator is used for 6 months, at the latest one year later, everyone must remember to do a good job of maintenance for the unit. During the working process of the unit, impurities in the water quality will accumulate on the pipe wall to form scale. Therefore, no matter whether it is a pipeline, evaporator condenser or fan, it must be cleaned to ensure that the refrigeration effect of the unit is kept in the best state.

7. When the air-cooled refrigerator fails, the corresponding indicator light on the control panel of the unit will illuminate and sound a warning. At this time, the unit should be shut down and checked in time. When the company does not have professional maintenance personnel for the unit, please contact the refrigerator manufacturer by phone first, and the manufacturer will instruct or arrange maintenance personnel to handle the problem. Do not disassemble the unit by yourself.


The above are the basic matters needing attention in the use of air-cooled chillers, from the installation in the early stage to the use in the later stage, as well as maintenance and other matters, which are certainly far more than these. You can pay close attention to refrigeration for a long time to obtain relevant information. If you want to know the manufacturers of air-cooled industrial freezers, you can click on the link directly to view!

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