Ndetated Standard Design High Quality Air Cooled Screw Machine

Control mode:Thermal type external equalizer expansion valve
Compressor:semi-hermetic screw
Evaporator:Shell and tube type
ProjectModelNCA- 110ASNCA- 150ASNCA- 170ASNCA- 200ASNCA- 220ASNCA- 250ASNCA- 270ASNCA- 300ASNCA- 320ASNCA- 350ASNCA- 420ASNCA- 440ASNCA- 480AS
 Refrigerating capacityKW112.7147.8160196.2215.3253.7268.1293.3317.5349.6
Kcal/h96922 126850144480168732185158218182235566252238273050300656357760377712413574
The machi ne running on the current (containing water)A76100114130142155165185199218247260280
 The adjurting range is energy100%-75%-50%-25% or stepless tolerance
RefrigerantThe nameR22/134a/R404a/R507c
 The control modeThermal type external equalizer expansion valve
 The compressortypesemi-hermetic screw
Ice water heat exchangerThe evaporatorShell and tube type
 Ice water flowm3/h21263135404550556065707580
Water resistanceKpa33383843474245505345475052
 in/out pipeDN6580100125
Air side heat exchangerCopper set of corrugated shape aluminum fin
fanThe evaporatorLow noise, aluminum alloy blade axial flow fan
Air volume


Protection deviceHigh and low pressure switch, antifreez switch, fusible plug, overload protector, coil overheat protector, temprerature automatic switch, reverse protector
Overall dimensionsLmm2100210019001900190022602260400040004000400044005500
The unit weightkg1200129015001800185023502500310033503660385040004250
Run the weightkg1280138016001910197024802640325035103830403042004450


1. The air-cooled screw machine uses a low-speed cooling fan to discharge heat smoothly, thereby reducing the sound to a minimum. The unit has low vibration and simple installation. It is suitable for areas where water sources are scarce, and no water tower is required.

2. The unit of the air cooled screw machine can realize intelligent program control according to the demand of the load, save energy consumption, adopt a full-touch screen human-machine interface, and accurately monitor. The unit adopts hierarchical or stepless energy control to achieve the highest energy efficiency ratio.

3. The unit of air cooled screw machine adopts imported brand-specific air-cooled semi-closed screw compressor. The operation is reliable, efficient, easy to maintain, accurate capacity control, wide application range. The system uses the latest asymmetric rotor tooth shape, and built-in differential pressure supply. Oil lubrication system: low vibration, low noise, high sealing performance.

4.Complete protection devices for air cooled screw machines: Compressor anti-frequent start, over-current relay protection, compressor motor over-heat protection, anti-freeze protection, sight glass, oil heating protection, compressor phase protection, high / low voltage protection , exhaust high temperature protection, safety valve, easy plug, cut-off protection, etc.

Chillers are commonly used in injection molding and blow molding in the plastics industry, metalworking cutting oils, welding equipment, die casting and machining, chemical processing, pharmaceutical development, food and beverage processing, paper making, cement processing, vacuum systems, X-ray diffraction, Power supply and power stations, analytical equipment, semiconductors, compressed air and gas cooling. They are also used to cool high thermal energy projects such as MRI and laser, and in hospitals, hotels and campuses.


Plastic industry: Accurately control the mold temperature of various plastic processing, shorten the cycle of beer and plastic, and ensure the stability of product quality.


Electronics industry: Stabilize the molecular structure inside the electronic components on the production line, improve the qualification rate of electronic components, and apply it to the ultrasonic cleaning industry to effectively prevent the damage caused by the volatilization and volatilization of expensive cleaning agents.


Electroplating industry: control plating temperature, increase the density and smoothness of plating parts, shorten plating cycle, improve production efficiency and improve product quality.


Machinery industry: control the pressure oil temperature of the oil pressure system, stabilize the oil temperature and oil pressure, prolong the oil quality use time, improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication and reduce wear.


Construction industry: The chilled water for concrete is used to make the molecular structure of concrete suitable for the purpose of construction, and effectively enhance the hardness and toughness of concrete.


Vacuum coating: Control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine to ensure the high quality of the plated parts.


Food industry: used for high-speed cooling after food processing to adapt to packaging requirements. There is also a temperature for controlling the fermented food.


Pharmaceutical industry: It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry to control the temperature control of fermented drugs. Pharmaceutical enterprises should make full use of the chiller equipment, continue to strengthen technological innovation on the basis of exerting their advantages, and enhance the cost performance of the chiller to better serve the pharmaceutical sector.

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After more than ten years of development, NDT Machinery Co., Ltd. has become a scientific and technological innovative enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, sales and maintenance. At present, the company has two manufacturing factories, and has established branches in Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Xiamen and other places.


Our company will adhere to the concept of "low cost and high performance" to provide customers with high-quality products and after-sales services. Our products are widely used in food containers, medicine, optics, cosmetics, sanitary ware, home appliances, communications, IT, automotive, and desert , Cellulose, fiber, etc. And we are expanding into new fields such as large-capacity lithium batteries, fuel cells, solar cells and chemical reactors.

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Temperature control series: water-type mold temperature machine, oil-type mold temperature machine, 350 ℃ ultra-high temperature oil temperature machine, 180 ℃ ultra-high temperature water temperature machine, dual-machine integrated mold temperature machine, integrated cold and hot machine, anti-fine mold temperature machine, etc


Refrigeration equipment series: Industrial chiller, laser chiller, PCB chiller, electroplating oxidation chiller, low temperature chiller, screw chiller, laser equipment and NC machine tool special cooler, design and construction of factory centralized water supply system.


Plastic dehumidification and drying series: injection molding standard front nest wheel dehumidification and drying conveyor integrated machine, film and sheet blowing bottle, optical disc and light-seeking plate and other optical products, special dehumidification and drying equipment, large pre-dehumidified dehumidifier dryer equipment for hygroscopic materials such as PET, PC. PA PLA and PMMA.

Material conveying series: automatic feeder, dust feeder, screw feeder, single material centralized feeding system, dust separation system and material metering and mixing system.


Recycling and crushing series: plastic crusher, large-scale centralized crushing equipment, peripheral automatic crusher, etc.


Our company is willing to work together with customers to move towards a green, low-carbon, labor-saving, economical and rational future for plastic molding with good credit, high-quality products and perfect services .


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