Ndetated Automatic Powder Suction Machine

Storage VAT capacity:7.5/6/10L
Transmission capacity:300/310/450kg/h
Feeding tube diameter:φ38mm
The motortypeCarbon brush typeCarbon brush typeinduction
 specificationa1KW/1.3HP 1φ1KW/1.3HP 1φ1.1KW/1.5HP 3φ
transmission capacity(kg/h)300310450
Absorb head (m)3.544
The static wind pressure ( mm/H2O)130015502100
Storage VAT capacity (L )7.5610
Feeding tube diameter ( mm )φ38φ38φ38
Distribution of material pipe (mm)φ38mmx3.5m 1pcsφ38mmx4m 2pcsφ38mmx4m 2pcs
Overall dlmensions(cm)34x34x5937x30x5642x38x64
The net weight ( kg )121447

1. The volume and light weight of the automatic suction can be directly placed on the dryer or other raw material containers to complete the automatic loading work.
2.Automatic suction using microcomputer operation control program
3. It will alarm when the automatic suction is overloaded or out of material.
4. The automatic feeding 300G uses a high-speed rectifier motor, which is small in size and strong in suction, suitable for new material conveying.
5.Automatic suction 400G adopts induction high pressure fan, with low noise and long life.


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