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The chiller is a water cooling device that provides constant temperature, constant current, and constant pressure cooling equipment. The principle about the chiller is to inject some water into the internal water tank of the machine, and to cool the water through the chiller refrigeration system, then the water pump inside the machine injects the cold-frozen water into the equipment to be cooled. The chilled water takes away the heat inside the machine, and the hot water of high temperature is returned to the water tank again for cooling, so that the circulation is exchanged and cooled to achieve the function of cooling the equipment.

The industrial freezer is a refrigeration equipment that can provide process low-temperature chilled water. The temperature can be controlled not only at 0~35°C, but also at minus 40°C, thus achieving the purpose of industrial refrigeration. Here's how to use the industrial freezer correctly.

The operators who operate this industrial chiller should have work experience, and have relevant training, mastered operational skills, and can follow the safe operating procedures to work.

Before operating the chiller, we should first check whether the cooling water valve is open, whether the water tank of the freezer is filled with water, and whether the cooling water pressure is normal. Do not operate in the absence of water.

The water-cooled chiller is opened in the order of opening the cooling water pump and then turning on the compressor. The shutdown sequence is to turn off the compressor and then turn off the cooling water pump.

The chilled water temperature of the industrial chiller should not be set too low, otherwise the cooling efficiency of the unit will be reduced, and the unit may cause low temperature protection action and stop. You can set the temperature to a lower temperature in the factory. If necessary, you can debug while operating, and adjust the water temperature according to actual needs.

When the industrial refrigerator has a fault alarm and causes the machine to stop, it is necessary to stop the unit first, and then check the reasons of the failure. It can not be forced to start before the fault is eliminated. When the problem is serious, please remember to contact the industrial chiller manufacturer for repair.

In the absence of an emergency, the unit can not be turned off by cutting off the power of the main unit. If an abnormal condition occurs in the industrial chiller during operation, turn off the power and notify the service personnel immediately.

If you do not need to use the industrial freezer in the winter, the unit will stop running for a long time, please turn off the unit first, then turn off the power. Remember to drain the water inside the system and cover the chiller with a cloth cover.

Industrial chiller is a refrigeration equipment commonly used by many modern enterprises. It is an indispensable refrigeration helper across the plastic, electronics, chemical, electroplating, laser, pharmaceutical, food, textile, printing, construction and other industries. If you are interested in the chiller, please click to view more information.

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