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In daily use, the grinder tends to have some minor problems. In the use of industrial pulverizers, the problem of internal speed difference is a headache, because it affects the efficiency of the machine and its processing accuracy.


As we all known, when the pulverizer works, the material enters from the upper feed port, and the material motion vector direction is downward. When the material is discharged from the feed port of the crusher, the hammer strikes the material along the circumferential tangent direction. At this time, the hammer speed difference between the hammer and the material is the greatest and the efficiency is the highest. Then, the material and the hammer are moved in the same direction on the surface of the sieve, the hammer speed difference between the hammer and the material is reduced, and the pulverization efficiency is lowered.


The basic principle of the scissor hammer pulverizer to improve the efficiency of the pulverizer is to increase the hammer speed difference between the pulverizer hammer and the material, and this concept is recognized by many experts and peers. Therefore, increasing the speed difference of the pulverizer has always been the pursuit of people. In order to solve the problem of speed difference in the pulverizer, many experts have made a lot of efforts to summarize the following six technical points.

1. Properly Adjusting the Clearance Between Hammer and Screen

Because the friction force on the surface of the sieve varies with the distance between the material and the screen surface, by adjusting the clearance between the hammer and screen, the hammer speed difference between the hammer and the material can be increased, so as to improve the efficiency. However, in the feed production process, the sieve holes are different, the raw materials are different, and the hammer sieve gap needs to be adjusted frequently. In the pulverizer, after the pulverizer has just started working and working for a period of time, the particle composition of the pulverizer inner cavity also changes. In the parts of the pulverizer, the hammer is easily worn, and after the front end of the hammer is worn, the gap change of the hammer screen is increased, and the output is lowered, which is difficult to last.


Certainly, for the certain raw materials and sieve holes, in order to meet the need of output test of a pulverizer, without considering the life of the sieve and hammer, the data of high crushing efficiency can be obtained by adjusting the appropriate clearance between the hammer and the sieve in a short time. However, in feed pulverization production, the data measured on the basis of the operator's work experience is irrelevant to the technical content of the pulverizer itself. Even people with extensive operational experience need high test costs. After the hammer is worn, the hammer screen gap increases, the frictional force decreases, and the pulverization efficiency decreases.


2. Reasonable Utilization of the Reverse Burr of Sieve

It can be increased friction by putting the hairy side of the sieve punching hole inside. But after 30 minutes to 1 hour the screen hole burr will be polished and the efficiency will be gone.


3. Increase the Suction

In the crusher system, negative pressure is added to absorb the material attached to the inner surface of the screen, which increases the friction force of the material on the screen surface, and also increases the hammer and material hammering speed difference. However, the increase of suction also increases the wear of the hammer and screen, and the efficiency is not durable. At the same time, the power consumption of suction increases.

4. Place a Washboard in the Pulverizer

The washboard has the function of resisting material ring, but the effect is limited. First, the teeth of the washboard act on the front end of the hammer, the friction surface is small, and the hammer wear also has durability problem. Second, when the washboard occupies the wrap angle of the sieve, the area of the washboard is too large, and the sieve area is too small, the output will be reduced.


5. Using Fish Scale Sieve Technology

There are many small protrusions on the surface of fish scale sieve, which can enhance friction. And fish scale sieve does not occupy the corner of the sieve, it can increase the sieve area compared with the washboard. However, the protrusions of fish scale sieve are easy to wear, expensive and difficult to popularize. After calculating the increased output and offsetting the cost of sieving, the benefit is not obvious.


6. Using Thin Hammer Technology

The thin hammer has narrow side (less than 4mm), its principle is that it is not easy to stir up the material, and it is not easy to produce the trend of material rotating at the same speed with the hammer. Generally speaking, after using thin hammer in the same type of pulverizer, the output can be increased by about 20% on the original basis. Thin hammer technology is effective, which is very conducive to the sales of various pulverizer products. Especially when the pulverizer measures the output, it produces a short-term favorable condition for the pulverizer manufacturers. However, the thin hammer has a short service life, and generally it needs to be replaced after about 10 days of continuous use. After removing the low production in the last few days and the money, time and labor cost of replacing hammers, the benefits are limited.


When using the low speed grinder, be sure to observe the operation of the machine and find out the problem in a timely manner. Only in this way can the machine be maintained to improve production efficiency.

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