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Chiller is a kind of cooling equipment, which is able to provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. The principle of industrial chiller is simple. Firstly, it uses a certain amount of water to inject into the water tank of the machine. Furthermore, by using the mechanism of cooling system, the water will be in low temperature. And then the machine will pump the cold water into the parts which need cooling. As a result, cold water can take the heat away and the water which is in high temperature will come back into the water tank. Industrial chiller can be divided into air cooled  industrial chiller and water cooled industrial chiller.

The industrial chiller plays an extremely important role in production, and choosing a safe and practical industrial chiller for different needs is very important. In addition, the maintenance of the chiller is essential in the use of the chiller as well. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the maintenance of the chiller. And because the brand ndetaed has a variety of industrial chillers which can meet our various needs. Therefore, we are going to take products of this brand as an example to focus on the maintenance of the chiller.



Daily Maintenance of Chiller

As for the sequence of the sarting and stopping sequence of the chiller, the operation of the chiller is divided into four steps: before starting, starting, normal operation and stopping.


Before starting

(1) Confirm that the end unit is powered on.

(2) Confirm that the water pump, cooling pump and the fan of cooling tower have been opened.

(3) Confirm that the power supply of the unit and the controller has been connected.



(1) Press the button on the keyboard, and then switch the unit on.

(2) And the unit will conduct a self-test. After a few seconds, one compressor will start up and another compressor will start up after the load increases.

(3) Once the unit is started, all operations are not automatic. The unit starts and stops automatically according to the change of temperature of chilled water and return water.


The Normal Operation

(1) When the unit is in normal operation, the controller will monitor the pressure, current and other parameters of the system. In case of any problems with the air cooled industrial chiller and water cooled industrial chiller, the control system will automatically take corresponding measures to protect the unit and display the fault information on the unit screen.

(2) Within the operating cycle of every 24 hours, there shall be a specially-assigned person to permanently record the operating conditions of the unit at a fixed interval.



(1) As long as the the keyboard is in the disconnected position, the unit can be shut down.

(2) In order to prevent damage, do not cut off the power supply of the unit even when it is shut down.


2. Keep the surface of the filter screen of the chiller clean and the air around the filter is circulating and we should clean the filter screen regularly.


3. Replace the circulating water regularly with distilled water or pure water.

4. In order to protect the circulating water pump of the chiller, the chiller should not run without water.


5. Regularly observe the state of the compressor and check its temperature. Also, we should pay special attention to the running state of the system in different seasons, and adjust the liquid supply and condensation temperature of the system in time.


6. When the industrial chiller is not in use for a long time, the water pump, compressor, the water tower and the circuit should be switched off. Also, the main power supply should be shut down in time, and the unit should be covered to avoid dust or other sundries.

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