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With the continuous strengthening of China's engineering buildings, the crushing machinery industry has shown a good momentum of development, ushering in great opportunities for development. How can plastic pulverizer improve work efficiency?      


1. How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Plastic Pulverizer            

(1) Material selection is the key. When selecting materials, pay attention to the hardness of materials. The harder the material is, the more difficult it will be to break up, and the worse the equipment will be. If the speed of crushing is slow, the natural crushing ability will be small.            

(2) The humidity of the material is the key. When the moisture content in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere to the pulverizer, and it is also easy to clog in the process of feeding, resulting in reduced crushing capacity. So before crushing, we should try our best to reduce the water content so that pulverizer can work better.            

(3) After crushing, the material has high requirement for crushing fineness. The finer the crushed material is, the smaller the crushing ability is.            

(4) Composition of crushing material, the more fine powder contained in the material before crushing, the more impact on crushing, because these fine powder is easy to adhere to affect transport. For the high content of fine powder, it should be screened one time in advance.            

(5) Viscosity of materials: The greater the viscosity of materials, the easier it is to adhere.            

(6) The better the abrasion resistance of crushing parts (hammer head, jaw plate) of crushing equipment, the greater the crushing ability. If not, the crushing ability will be affected.


2. How to Solve the Over Worn of Plastic Pulverizer Blade            

The commonly used inspection methods for the wear of plastic pulverizer blades can be divided into two categories. The first is the direct measurement method, which measures the abrasion of plastic pulverizer blade directly in non-cutting time or through the change of workpiece size. The second is the indirect measurement method, which is used to determine the tool abrasion by measuring the physical parameters related to the tool during cutting, such as chip force, vibration and noise, cutting temperature, and the change of the early degree of the machined surface.   


If the plastic pulverizer blade and grinding groove are excessively depleted, the performance of pulverizer can not be fully developed, especially the metal pulverizer. The working strength of pulverizer is greater than that of coal gangue pulverizer and shale pulverizer, and the loss is more obvious. Once the parts are excessively depleted, the production capacity can not be improved. Therefore, when pulverizer operators find that the machine has entered the state of overworn, they should replace the die or tool in time. Pulverizer blade wear problem is dealt with scientifically to ensure that the crushing production operation continues and to generate greater profits for enterprises.


So how to check the wear degree of the plastic pulverizer blade? In actual production, it is not allowed to unload the blade frequently to measure the wear. Therefore, it is often judged whether the internal parts of pulverizer equipment have been worn or blunt according to some phenomena occurring in the production process of crushing and cutting.            

For the abrasion form of pulverizer blade, it can be divided into two categories: abrasion and breakage, the former is continuous progressive wear, the latter includes plastic breakage and brittle breakage, such as cutting edge, breakage, spalling, crack breakage and so on.  


Generally speaking, the plastic pulverizer blade installed inside the pulverizer equipment should not be used after abrasion to a certain limit, otherwise it will affect the working performance and production efficiency of the machine; at this time, the abrasion limit is called the abrasion blunt standard. When the use limit of pulverizer blade exceeds the blunt standard, it will be worn/damaged at a faster speed when it is used again, that is to say, it will enter the stage of rapid wear and tear.   


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