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When we purchase a mold temperature controller, the heating power and the pressure and flow of the media cycle are factors that must be considered. Different raw materials have different properties and they have different processing characteristics. Mold temperature is a factor that must be controlled in the manufacture of plastics. It has a great influence on the mass flowability, shrinkage rate and injection cycle of the workpiece.


Studies have shown that 24% of scrap is caused by improper mold temperature. Therefore, the mold temperature control system is widely used in various plastic processing fields from injection molding, blow molding to extrusion to heat the mold to the working temperature and keep the mold temperature within a certain precision range.

Proper selection of the appropriate mold temperature control system can be considered from the following aspects.


 1. Determine the mold temperature required by the plastic processing process

The processing temperature and mold temperature required for various plastic raw materials are different. The “various plastic processing mold thermometers” give the mold temperatures required for some major plastics processing. You can get it from our staff.


2. Determine the type of heat transfer medium for the mold temperature machine

According to the type of heat transfer medium, the mold temperature machine is divided into a water mold temperature machine, a pressurized water mold temperature machine or an oil mold temperature machine. Generally, the water temperature control unit has a lower control temperature range, and the oil type mold temperature machine has a higher control temperature range.

The special application environment is also a factor to consider when choosing a mold temperature controller. For example, the oil temperature machine is limited in the processing of optical lenses, because the oil is evaporated by heat, which will affect the quality of the optical lens.


3. Temperature control accuracy

 To keep the temperature of the mold in the injection molding process substantially constant, the key is to control the heat transfer balance within the mold. The heat generated by the thermoplastic inside the mold is transferred to the mold through heat conduction, and part of the heat transferred to the mold is directly lost in the air by heat radiation, and the other part is transferred to the heat transfer medium by heat exchange with the mold temperature machine.

The realization of mold temperature control includes mold temperature control based on hot fluid temperature, mold temperature control of mold temperature, and joint mode temperature control. The user should investigate the realization of the operation of the mold temperature machine according to the actual situation, and select the product that can meet the requirements of its own temperature control accuracy.


In the actual mold processing, if the mold control system is improperly selected, not only can not improve the molding efficiency of the product and stabilize the product quality, but also make the improvement of automation of other equipment lose its meaning.

If you are looking for a excellent mold temperature machine,please freely consult our professional engineers to purchase high quality and guaranteed mold temperature machine.

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