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The hot air dryer is a device that uses high heat pump technology and sensible heat transfer technology to provide high temperature hot air. It is widely used in the printing industry. Compared with traditional electric heating, the energy saving ratio is as high as 60%-90%. The hot air dryers are different used in different places. If it is an industrial enterprise, industrial hot air dryers are used. Industrial enterprises have relatively high requirements on equipment parameters. In order to meet the needs of users, special attention should be paid when purchasing. Here also provides you with a few tips for the purchase of industrial hot air fans, so that you can be more satisfied with the use.


Points to note when choosing a hot air dryer

Choose a manufacturing company

The biggest advantage of buying this equipment depends on the qualification of the manufacturer. Good equipment manufacturers have a great influence on the quality and purchase. Therefore, when measuring enterprises, we must look at their scale and try to choose a larger one. Because such companies are perfect in production systems or R&D centers or in later sales and production and service systems, which also provides very good protection.


Consider the equipment sales price

The user considers the price of the equipment as a content that cannot be avoided in the purchase process. In fact, the general equipment price has a great correlation with the equipment material and process. When buying, you should measure the overall value of the equipment. Check if the value is proportional to the price. Never blindly choose the low price or the highest price.


Tips to note when choosing a hot air dryer

Style. There are many styles of this kind of equipment, including desktop, vertical and wall-mounted. Three different styles are not suitable for all users. The size of the desktop industrial hot air dryer is relatively small, which is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises. It requires a certain amount of space to be placed. The vertical industrial hot air dryer seems to have a smooth line and a large volume, so the occupied space is certainly large, which is very suitable for large enterprises. There is also a wall-mounted industrial hot air dryer, which is space-saving and can be hung directly in one place, making it suitable for small businesses.


Safety. Most of the current devices are very beautiful, some are even quite fashionable, and the overall effect is very good. However, when selecting a hot air blower, safety should be put first, such as whether the equipment has protection against overheating and overcurrent, and whether there is automatic breakpoint function. In particular, the industrial hot air dryer used in the bathroom must have waterproof features. Generally, it is possible to judge whether the device is really waterproof as long as it has a waterproof logo on the machine.


Quality. The quality of industrial hot air dryers affects the service life of the equipment directly. Durable equipment will last a long time. Before purchasing this equipment, it is necessary to check whether there is a Great Wall certification mark issued by the China Electrotechnical Commission on the equipment. If there is such a mark, the quality is guaranteed.


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