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Industrial chiller is a kind of chillers, and chiller can be divided into air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller.

The Principle

Chiller is a kind of cooling equipment, which is able to provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. The principle of industrial chiller is simple. Firstly, it uses a certain amount of water to inject into the water tank of the machine. Furthermore, by using the mechanism of cooling system, the water will be in low temperature. And then the machine will pump the cold water into the parts which need cooling. As a result, cold water can take the heat away and the water which is in high temperature will come back into the water tank.


For the plastic industry, the chiller is used to accurately control the temperature of various equipment to ensure the stability of product quality. And for industrial machinery, it can control the pressure and the temperature of the system. Stable temperature and pressure can shorten the service life of oil and improve the efficiency of mechanical lubricant and so on. For electronic industry, it will keep the molecular structure of the electronic components which are on the production lines stable to improve the qualified rate of electronic components. And it can be applied in ultrasonic cleaning, effectively avoiding the damage caused by the dissolution of cleaning agent.

How to Select The Chiller

It can be seen that industrial chiller plays an extremely important role in production, and choosing a safe and practical industrial chiller is very important. For different needs, the ndetaed has a variety of industrial chillers which can meet our various needs. Therefore, taking products of this brand as an example, we need to pay attention to the following points when selecting industrial chiller.


Air-cooled Chiller

This kind of cooler contains an insulated tank and a water pump in its body. And we can use it without the need to add a cooling tower to dissipate heat, which is easy to install and move. However, it has higher requirements on the working environment. First of all, because it is cooled by the air circulation, if the ventilation of the workshop is not good, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the chiller. In addition, if we want to put the chiller in the dust-free workshop with humidity requirements, we had better buy water-cooled chiller as much as possible. Because the air cooler uses the fan to carry on the exchange of heat, it can influence the environment.  

Water-cooled Chiller

And for water-cooled chiller, we should add water tower and the water pump additionally, in order to dissipate heat better. And open chiller should be equipped with an additional tank and a sealed chiller owns a tank in it. Open chiller can be installed outside the workshop generally to facilitate maintenance. However, because it is not beautiful enough, the sealed chiller is designed. Sealed cooler has the structure of box which is easy to install and to use. In daily life, the sealed chiller is more popular among customers. But if the demand for cooling capacity is very large, we have to choose the screw chiller.

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