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Shanghai Endetated Machinery Co., Ltd. (NTC) has been established since 2000, with industrial temperature control as its core technology. It has accumulated rich experience and cases in the field of industrial temperature control. It has long-term strategic cooperation with famous temperature control professional manufacturers such as Germany, Italy and Japan. It has become one of the few companies in China that specializes in manufacturing industrial temperature control products, and has been recognized by customers and the industry.

Endetated’s products include oil circulation temperature control machine, water circulation temperature control machine, industrial chiller, screw feeder machine, water heater and so on. In addition, there are special temperature control equipment for different industries, such as die-casting mold temperature machine, special temperature control machine for optical disc molding, and special mold temperature machine for foaming.

Today, we are bringing the latest automatic feeders to machinery and abrasives.

Endetated’s automatic loader features

1. Simple structure and convenient to use, it is suitable for material transportation in various ways.

2. The automatic loader uses a low noise blower to protect the factory environment. (noise below 70db)

3. Standard cyclone separator, two dust collection filters, it is suitable for the transportation of various new materials and broken materials. The filter is easy to handle and easy to clean and maintain.

 4. The control adopts digital display humanized design to improve the convenience of operation. Easily transported in a variety of ways.


Endetated’s automatic feeder selection

Endetated’s standard automatic loader are capable of conveying materials in a variety of forms and modes of operation. Endetated’s automatic feeder model identification means:


MA: It means that the suction hopper is installed on the other hoppers.

 MV: This means that the suction hopper is mounted on the forming machine.

200: Indicates the conveying capacity of the automatic feeder per hour.

Endetated's standard automatic loaders have a capacity of 200 kg, 400 kg, 600 kg and 800 kg per hour; the MA and MV types are distinguished from the hopper installation; the unidirectional MA and MV types are available from the working mode. There are also multiple directions of MAA, MVV, and MAV.

Endetated’s standard automatic loader capacity is experimentally measured at a working height of 5 meters and a height of 3 meters. You can select the appropriate model according to the above selection method. The standard configuration of each type of automatic feeder is referenced in the "Endert Standard Product Configuration".

Items to be confirmed when orderingZ

1) Types and proportions of raw materials.

2) The amount of raw materials used per hour.

3) Distance and height to be transported.

4) Whether or not to use the pulverized material, what is the proportion of the pulverized material (used in conjunction with a proportional valve or other regenerative equipment).

5) If the hopper is directly installed in the molding machine, it is necessary to confirm the mounting size of the molding machine. If the suction hopper is installed on another hopper, it is necessary to confirm who is squinting the upper cover opening of the hopper.

If you want to understand the products of the Endetated Group, please consult us, we will give you a more detailed introduction.

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