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Dry conveying machine plays an important role in our industrial process. Today we will introduce it.

1. A Brief Introduction to Ndetated

Ndetated has been engaged in manufacturing, selling, technical consultation and after-sales service of industrial temperature control equipment for 15 years. It has accumulated rich practical experience and cases in various fields of industrial temperature control. At the same time, it is also a model temperature machine manufacturer in China. Ndetated has a long-term strategic partnership with Japanese, German and Italian manufacturers of professional temperature control and temperature moulding machines. Ndetated has cooperated with Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other well-known industrial and professional colleges to continuously develop and launch advanced technology products to meet the needs of temperature control in different industries. A manufacturer who specializes in manufacturing temperature control equipment that is unanimously recognized by customers.

2. Ndetated Hot Air Drying Conveyor

Ndetated standard hot air dryer model HDV-25-200 is expressed as follows:

HDV: Hopper Dryer (HD: Hopper Dryer, V: Platform)

25: It means the loading capacity of the hopper is 25Kg.

200: Represents conveying capacity. (200 kg per hour)

Endek's hot air drying conveyor has the following characteristics:

(1) The new design of the integrated dryer and feeder, which occupies less space and is easy to move, is suitable for precision forming.

(2) Hot air diffusion device has unique design, uniform hot air dispersion, rapid immersion of materials, and uniform resin drying temperature, which can successfully shorten the drying time.

(3) The rectifier heater improves the control effect of hot air temperature, so that the resin drying temperature is basically the same as the set temperature of hot air.

(4) Electric adopts famous brands such as Mitsubishi, Japan, with long service life and less maintenance frequency.

(5) The exhaust filter uses non-woven fabric, which reduces pressure loss, is small and lightweight, and has simple cleaning and prolongs service life.

(6) It can be extended to a small feeding system for multiple forming machines.


3. Points to be Confirmed for Purchasing the Integrated Hot Air Conveyor

(1) Name of plastic raw materials to be dried. Because the drying temperature and time of each material are different.

(2) Hourly use of raw materials.

(3) Whether or not to use crushed materials, the proportion of crushed materials. (The proportion of crushed materials over 50% should be carefully corresponded)

(4) The location of the equipment and the distance from the forming machine. (Whether the conveying capacity is satisfied)

(5) Installation dimension of moulding machine (when dryer is set on moulding machine)

(6) Supply voltage


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