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The general development trend of non-metallic mineral raw materials or materials in the future is high purity, superfine and functionalization. It is mainly based on high-purity ultra-fine non-metallic mineral deep processing materials, and will comprehensively develop and utilize various non-metallic minerals in the future. Although high-purity ultrafine powders can be prepared by chemical synthesis, the cost is too high to be used in industrial production. The main way to obtain ultrafine powders is still mechanical crushing. However, the difficulty of ultrafine grinding and classification technology to make ultrafine powders by mechanical means is more and more difficult.


Ultra-fine pulverization technology is a combination of various technologies, and its development also depends on the advancement of related technologies. Therefore, the development of ultra-fine pulverization technology should focus on the following aspects.

1. Develop fine grading equipment and other ancillary equipment matched with ultra-fine pulverizing equipment. The closed-circuit process combined with ultra-fine pulverization and grading equipment can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the size of qualified products. It can be said that the large-volume, high-precision grading equipment is the key to the development of ultra-fine pulverization technology. It is necessary to carry out research and development from the perspective of the entire process system, improve, support and improve other auxiliary process equipment.

2. Continuously improve ultra-fine grinding equipment. The key to ultra-fine pulverization technology is equipment such as low speed grinder, medium speed grinder, high speed grinder. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new type of ultra-fine pulverizing equipment and its corresponding grading equipment, which seems to be more urgent. Grinding aids and surface active dispersants will be used in the ultrafine comminution process.


3. Integration of equipment and process research and development. Ultra-fine pulverizing and grading equipment must be adapted to specific material characteristics and product specifications, and the specifications and models are diversified. There is no ultra-fine pulverizing and grading equipment that is efficient and versatile for any material.


4. Development of multi-functional ultra-fine grinding and surface modification equipment. For example, combining ultrafine grinding and drying processes, combining ultrafine grinding with surface modification or combining mechanochemical principle with ultrafine grinding technology can expand the application scope of superfine comminution technology. With the help of surface coating and solid-state mutual solubility, some new materials with unique properties can be prepared.

5. Development research and particle size detection and control technology related to ultrafine pulverization technology. The ultrafine pulverization particle size detection and control technology is one of the important conditions for realizing the continuous industrial production of ultrafine powder. The particle size test instrument and the measurement control technology are closely related to the ultra-fine pulverization technology, which must be jointly researched by experts in these fields.


Modern engineering technology will require more and more high-purity ultra-fine powders, and ultra-fine pulverization technology will play an increasingly important role in high-tech research and development. Due to the widespread use of pulverizers in various industries, the research and development of industrial pulverizers at home and abroad are highly valued.

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