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A chiller is an energy-saving machine that achieves refrigeration by steam compression or absorption cycles. The full name of chiller is the cooling water cycle machine. Because it is widely used in various industries, it has many aliases according to different industries. Our company mainly produces air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, screw chillers and filling lines industrial chiller.


Technical and economic comparison of two chillers

On the one hand, considering the large number of air-cooled condensers in big refrigeration units, it is usually difficult to arrange. On the other hand, too small water-cooled refrigeration units are not conducive to use. Therefore, a medium-easy air-cooled unit and a water-cooled unit with the same cooling capacity are compared.


Initial investment in chiller units

The initial investment of the unit includes equipment costs, installation costs and electricity expansion costs.


Now compare a certain type of water-cooled refrigeration unit and the air-cooled refrigeration unit with same main unit and evaporator.


The annual operating time of the compressor is 1000 hours to 3000 hours, and the annual running time of the cooling tower and the pump is 1400 hours to 4200 hours.


Air-cooled refrigeration unit operating costs

Annual cooling cost of air-cooled refrigeration unit = (compressor power consumption + fan power consumption) × running time / year × electricity price


Operating costs of water-cooled refrigeration unit

Annual power consumption of water-cooled refrigeration unit = (compressor power consumption + cooling tower fan power consumption + cooling water pump power consumption) × running time / year × electricity price


Annual water fee for water-cooled refrigeration unit = (total circulating water × number of water changes + water supply × total circulating water × running time / year) × water price



The amount of water replenishment in the water cooling unit is an important factor affecting its cost. Strengthening maintenance management and reducing water consumption are important aspects of reducing the cost of water-cooled units.


The initial investment of air-cooled refrigeration units is relatively high, and the power consumption per unit of refrigeration capacity is also slightly higher than that of water-cooled units. However, the annual comprehensive cost of air-cooled units is basically the same as that of water-cooled units. The results of technical and economic analysis show that it is reasonable to configure air-cooled condensers for medium and small chillers.


The longer the chiller operating time is, the more obvious the advantages of the air-cooled unit will be. The initial investment recovery period of air-cooled units is shorter than that of water-cooled units. Therefore, it is more suitable to use air-cooled units as air conditioning in the southern region. In addition, from the cooling conditions, the wet bulb temperature is high in the southern region, which is also unfavorable for water-cooled units.


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