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Industrial water chiller is a kind of refrigeration equipment commonly used in industrial refrigeration industry. It has many types, complete models, affordable price, and can be specially customized with a wide range of applications. More importantly, the industrial water chiller has high temperature control accuracy and wide temperature control range. So, what is the temperature control range of industrial water chillers, and how to set the temperature?

1. Temperature Control Range of Industrial Water Chillers?

(1) Standard industrial water chiller: This kind of water chiller uses conventional R22 refrigerant and can control the temperature between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. That is to say, when adjusting the temperature control range, the lowest temperature of industrial water chiller is set at 5 ~C and the highest temperature is set at 30 ~C, which is the most widely used temperature control range in the industry at present. However, some customers require that the temperature be controlled at 3 degrees Celsius, which needs to be put forward and determined when making the industrial water chiller scheme.

(2) Low-temperature industrial water chiller: water will freeze at 0℃, which is a common sense for the elderly and children. So if industrial chillers are required to provide low-temperature refrigerants below zero, can this be achieved? The answer, of course, is yes. The temperature of cryogenic industrial water chiller can be set at - 5℃, - 10℃, or even - 45℃. The temperature requirement of this industrial water cooler is low, so some components such as refrigerant carrier and compressor are different from the standard industrial water cooler. The specific configuration and scheme can be directly linked to the Ndetated cold acquisition system.

(3) Ultra-low temperature industrial water chiller: industrial water chiller which can provide cryogenic liquid below - 45℃. We call it ultra-low temperature industrial water chiller. It adopts binary cascade or ternary cascade refrigeration system, so it is also called cascade industrial water chiller.

2.How to Set the Temperature of Industrial Water Chiller?

Because many customers are using industrial water chillers for the first time, they are not very familiar with the operation method. In fact, the temperature setting of industrial water chillers is very simple: each industrial water chiller has a control panel, which is shown in Chinese and English. When setting the temperature, press the set button directly, and then press the up and down buttons to set the temperature. However, different types of industrial water chillers and different control panels are used. Therefore, the temperature setting of industrial water chillers should be directly consulted for operation.


When trying out the chiller, we should not only look at the flow of the chiller, but also at the temperature you need. If you try to use the chiller from 28 degrees to 7 degrees, if you try to use the chiller with a large temperature difference, it will reduce the flow of chilled water per hour, from 3.5 cubic meters to a number of ways. So if you want 3.5 cubic meters per hour, you have to choose a bigger model.

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