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The industrial chiller is a water cooling device that provides constant temperature, current and pressure cooling equipment. The principle of the chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the internal water tank of the machine, to cool the water through the industrial chiller refrigeration system, and then the low-temperature frozen water is injected into the equipment to be cooled by the water pump inside the machine, and the chilled water heats the inside of the machine, return the hot water of high temperature to the water tank for cooling, and then exchange the cooling to achieve the function of cooling the equipment. The following mainly introduces the precautions during the operation.

Media water quality cleaning

The softening of the media water is also a problem that cannot be ignored in the process of using the industrial chiller. The pH of the water also needs to be continuously observed. The optimum pH should be equal to 7. The ph value greater than 7 will cause terrible corrosion. If no measures are taken, it will cause scale in the evaporator and the mold, which will play a role of heat insulation. In severe cases, the energy conversion effect will be reduced by 30%. Obviously this requires consideration of softening of hard water. The most effective method is to configure an electronic hard water softener in the system. The softener is designed and manufactured according to the exchange principle. Depending on the flow rate, softeners of different specifications can be configured and directly connected to the circulating water pipeline. Generally, the cost of the water treatment softener is not too high, and a certain proportion of detergent can be added to the circulation system during the period.

Insulation of ice water pipes

The ice water pipe must be insulated because the pipe insulation not only prevents the serious loss of the cold, but also prevents the dew condensation water formed on the outer wall of the pipe.

The connection between the industrial chiller and the mold is usually connected by a reinforced hose, because such a hose has its own function of heat insulation, but the length is more than 5 m, and moderate insulation is also considered.

Ice water temperature difference

The temperature of the mold chiller cooling fluid is generally subject to large changes in the shape of the processed material and the product, such as a molded polystyrene thin wall beaker, the mold requires ice water temperature below 0 ° C; and in most other cases, the mold requires The temperature of ice water is above 5 °C. NTD's full-function industrial chiller can provide ice water above 5 °C. The temperature difference of ice water at the inlet and outlet of the mold is often set according to the requirements of the product.In many cases, the temperature difference is preferably 3 to 5 ° C, but sometimes the temperature difference is 1 to 2 ° C. The smaller the temperature difference, the greater the flow of ice water required to bring the same amount of heat out, and the lesser flow required.

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