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The metering material mixing conveyor is composed of a horizontally rotating container and a rotating vertical stirring blade. When the molding material is stirred, the container turns to the left and the blade turns to the right. Due to the countercurrent action, the moving direction of each particle of the molding material crosses. The opportunities for contact with each other increase, the countercurrent mixer has a small pressing force for the material, low calorific value, high stirring efficiency, and uniform mixing. Do you know how to maintain and repair the metering material mixing conveyor?

Basic maintenance knowledge of the mixer

The mixing machine is more uniform and loose, rarely dead ends, it easy to discharge and clean, high production efficiency, and equipment is not easy to wear. However, if you don't pay attention to maintenance during use, it is easy to affect the use time. Let's take a look at the maintenance knowledge of the industrial mixer:

1. Do not stack debris near the industrial mixer to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation of the machine and extend the service life of the machine;

2. Check whether the power supply is normal before use, whether the reducer has oil, try to check whether the running direction is correct. If the operation is reversed, look for an electrician to overhaul;

3. After confirming that the industrial mixer is normal, adjust the timer, put in the raw materials, and close the handle with the cover, then mix for about 5~8 minutes.

4. Shake the vertical mixer to 100 degrees to remove the raw materials and clean;

5. After the work is finished, close the outlet port, turn off the power, and keep the chamber clean;

6. Replace different materials or colors, use cloth strips, alcohol to clean the chamber;

 7. When cleaning the vertical mixer, it is forbidden to open the protective cover of the machine, and use the air gun to blow the blade while starting the machine;

8. According to the degree of use, it is generally necessary to add ZL-2 lithium grease to the reducer and the chain for 1~3 months, and add 20# oil to the bearing once a week;

9. Check the locker base locking screw once a week and lock it; if the vertical mixer is faulty, it is necessary to find the repairman in time;

10. If you do not use the vertical mixer for a long time, unplug the power switch.

Metering material mixing conveyor repair

Industrial mixer repairs can generally be done once a year. Note the following:

1. Disassemble the rolling bearings, clean and inspect; replace the severely worn parts. Replace grease and seals.

2. Check the main drive shaft for bending or wear.

3. Check the cleaning cylinder, replace the sealing ring and the guide sleeve wearing parts, and check the piston rod for bending deformation and wear.


4. Record the main parts after inspection. If necessary, test to ensure the normal operation of the machine, prepare the sealing ring, the rubber ring for the coupling, the V belt and the rolling bearing. The working parts of these parts are prone to failure.

5. Regularly (generally the first quarter) check whether the fasteners are loose; check the tightness of the V-belt installation; all parts of the equipment should be cleaned and dedusted.


Have you learned about the maintenance and repair of metering material mixing conveyor? Pay attention to our get more knowledge of industrial machines.

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