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Grinder operates with forces in most occasions, we should know how to deal with the faults.


1 In vibration pulverizer, no matter low speed grinder as follow or high speed grinder , engine is directly connected with crushing device. Such connection is simple and easy to repair in case of faults. If both cann’t be connected suitably, the unnecessary vibration of the machine will appear.


Motor rotor and crusher rotor are not concentric. The position of the motor can be moved left or right, or a pad should be place at the motor bottom, to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.


Crusher rotors are not concentric. The reason is that the two supporting surfaces of the rotor shaft are not in the same plane. A copper pad can be placed on the bottom surface of the bearing, or an adjustable wedge iron can be added to the bottom of the bearing.


2 Bearing overheat. Bearing is an important part of industrial pulverizer, its performance directly affects the normal operation of equipment and production efficiency. During the operation of the equipment, the user should pay special attention to the heating of the bearing and the noise of the bearing part.


2 bearing seat uneven, or the motor rotor and the crusher rotor different heart, the bearing will be subjected to additional load impact, resulting in overheating of the bearing. In this case, to immediately stop troubleshooting, to avoid early bearing damage.


Too much lubricating oil in the bearing, too little or aging is also the main cause of bearing overheating and damage, therefore, according to the requirements of the use of the book on time quantitative lubricating oil, general lubrication account for 70%-80% of the bearing space, too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. Bearing extends its service life.


Bearing cover and shaft fit too tight, bearing and shaft fit too tight or too loose will lead to bearing overheating. As soon as this problem occurs, friction sounds and noticeable oscillations will occur during the operation of the equipment. Stop the machine and remove the bearing. Trim the friction parts and reassemble as required.


3. The jam of the grinder is one of the common faults in the use of the grinder. It may have problems in the design of the machine and tools, but it is more caused by improper operation.


The feeding speed is too fast, and the load increases, causing congestion. In the feeding process, always pay attention to the ammeter pointer. deflection angle is large, if the rated current exceeds, indicating that the motor overload will burn out the motor. In this case, the material door should be immediately reduced or closed. The feeding mode can also be changed to control the feeding amount by increasing the feeder.


The outlet pipe is not free or blocked too fast, which will cause the outlet of the grinder to be blocked. After finding out the fault, it is necessary to change the mismatched conveying equipment and adjust the feeding amount to make the equipment run normally.


Hammer fragments, aging, screen hole closed, broken, crushed material water content too high will make the crusher blocked. Update the broken and seriously aged hammer regularly, maintain the good working state of the crusher, and check the screen regularly, the moisture content of the crushed material should be less than 14%, which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also make the crusher not blocked, enhance the reliability of the crusher work.


4. In the process of use, many users have encountered strong vibration during the operation of the grinder, which affected the operation. The causes and solutions of the strong vibration of the grinder are introduced as follows:


Mallet installation problems. In the process of maintenance and assembly, when the hammer changes face and turns to use, only replace individual hammer, which will cause strong vibration during the operation of the grinder. The solution is to change the face of all the hammers in the grinder.


The hammer is not flexible enough. If the hammer is too tight, it will cause a strong vibration if it is not released during operation. The solution is to turn the hammer by hand after stopping the machine to make the hammer rotate flexibly.


Weight imbalance of other parts on the rotor. The solution is to check each part separately and adjust the balance.


Spindle bending. When the spindle is bent, it will cause the fuselage to tilt, resulting in strong vibration during operation. The solution is to correct the spindle or replace a new spindle.


After these regular fault resolution, operator will find it easy to work with grinder.



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