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In the plastic processing industry, the product is prone to shrinkage, silver streaks, bubbles, cracks, flow marks, poor transparency, etc., the main reason for these poor quality is that the plastic is not fully dried before it is formed. The raw materials with strong  hygroscopicity cannot penetrate the plastic granules due to moisture penetration. Traditional hot air dryers cannot completely dry them. The NTD dehumidifying dryer can fully dehumidify and heat the air in a closed circulation system, and the dried air rapidly precipitates the moisture in the plastic pellets to achieve the effect of dehumidifying and drying. The following mainly introduces the advantages of the NTD dehumidifying dryer.

NTD dehumidification drying conveyor machine advantages:

1. Stable low dew point dry air

The high-efficiency long-crystal honeycomb rotor imported from the original source is used to stably provide -40°C low dew point air.

In particular, it can meet the molding temperature conditions of engineering plastics.

2. Save energy and protect the environment

Double-layer insulation hopper, the optimal combination of heating and regenerative power, which optimizes insulation and energy saving.

3. Safe dry and delivery

Drying and conveying adopt a unique connection method, which does not affect the dehumidifying drying effect and prevents the occurrence of secondary moisture absorption.Quantitative discharge of materials ensures smooth and unobstructed delivery.

4. High reliability guarantee

The electrical components adopt Japanese Mitsubishi Electric, imported fans to ensure the service life of the machine and reduce the maintenance frequency rate.

5. Simple design and easy maintenance

The unique front panel filter and exterior maintenance opening design greatly facilitate the maintenance work.

6. A variety of purchases, strong adaptability

It can provide a variety of optional contents such as optical special machine, multiple mold temperature controller conveying corresponding, electrical options, etc., which is convenient for special precision forming.

NTD dehumidifying dryer precautions

1) Know the name of the dry plastic material before operation. Because the drying temperature and time of each raw material are different.

2) The amount of raw materials used per hour.

3) Whether or not to use the pulverized material, what is the ratio of the pulverized material. When the pulverized material exceeds 50%, special care must be taken.

4) Where the equipment is placed, how long it is from the mold temperature controller. (If the conveying capacity meeting the requirements)

5) Mounting dimensions of the molding machine

6) Power supply voltage

In daily life, high relative humidity can cause many problems. From the storage of raw materials to the production, packaging, transportation and storage of products, they are subject to relative humidity. When the ambient humidity is high, the electrical resistance of the insulating material of the electronic product may be lowered, thereby causing a short circuit of the product, resulting in malfunction and damage of the product. Some high-power electronic devices, such as radar or communication equipment, may cause electric sparks or even fire when exposed to an environment that is too humid. Humidity can also cause air ionization in the radar system's waveguides, causing malfunctions. Therefore, in order to improve product quality, humidity control is necessary.

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